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The SEATALK nautical dictionary may never be complete.  There are more seagoing terms out there, and you may notice that a term is missing. 

You can become a contributor by sending in a term that is not in the database.  We will research your contribution, find suitable citations to verify its correct usage, and add the new term to the database along with your name as the contributor.  We will also list you as a member of our research team, and provide a link to your website.

To make a contribution, simply send us an email


The following have made contributions to this database.  Thanks to all of you!

John M. Wade

Geoffrey Burke

Web design by Bruce Dienes

Boat builder Albert Eatock

Artist and student of boat language John Hutchinson

Sailing guru and Defiant yachtsman Ed Sulis

Schooner sailor Lindsey Philpott

LtCol Karen E. Riecks,USMC (Ret), Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Sloop sailor and student of nautical words B. A. Grassfield.

Fred Rost, who keeps my feet to the fire.

Graham Bradford, retired chief engineer, Volunteer Marine Rescue group

Ian Walker, who knows about waves

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