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SEATALK is a copyrighted reference work, owned by Mike MacKenzie.  You may feel free to extract individual definitions from this source as long as you include a reference. 

Hard copy reference for footnotes and bibliography:

Seatalk, The Dictionary of English Nautical Language,, keyword (insert the term here), published by Mike MacKenzie, Nova Scotia, 2005.

Digital copy link: the term here)&view_records=yes
(Do not type in the parentheses around the term in the digital link.)

Please note: 

For any publication that will make extensive use of the definitions in this dictionary, we ask that you email us with a description of your proposed publication together with your name and contact information.  If your concept is acceptable we will provide you with written permission to use specific limited resources from this database. 

Any use of this copyrighted publication without citations or written permission is illegal and will be prosecuted.



© 2005 - 2012 by Mike MacKenzie. All Rights Reserved