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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: astarboard (pron: starb'd) (adv)
Definition: In the direction of the right side of the ship when facing forward, as in: "After passing the marker, turn hard astarboard."
See Also: aport, starboard, steering board

Term: hard astarboard (adv)
Definition: A turn all the way over as far as the helm will allow in the direction of the starboard side of the vessel.

Term: starboard (pron: starb'd) (adj)
Definition: The right side of a vessel when seen by someone facing the bow; as in: "The green running light is always mounted on the starboard side." From the ancient Egyptian steering board.
See Also: port, steering board

Term: starboard tack (pron starb'd) (n)
Definition: Sailing with the wind coming over the starboard side of the vessel; as in: "A sailboat on a starboard tack has the right of way."
See Also: port tack

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