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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: brail (n)
Definition: 1) One of a series of lines used to haul a square sail up to the yard and secure it furled. 2) A line used to secure a furled fore and aft sail to the boom.

Term: brail up (v)
Definition: To haul up the foot of a squaresail using small lines. Once brailed up, the sail could then be furled and secured to the yard.

Term: fife rail (n)
Definition: A bar mounted horizontally around the base of the mast a few feet above the deck through which a number of belaying pins are placed in fitted holes onto which halyards may be belayed.
See Also: pin rail

Term: grab rail (n)
Definition: A solidly built railing which is mounted conveniently alongside passageways offering the seaman a secure handhold while moving about the ship.

Term: liferails (n)
Definition: Substantial solid fencing around the edge of the deck to protect people from falling overboard.
See Also: lifelines

Term: marine railway (n)
Definition: A ship hauling system using a rolling carriage running from the water to a repair facility ashore. The vessel to be hauled is floated to a position over the carriage and secured with chocks, then the carriage is hauled up the tracks using a cable winch. Marine Railway
See Also: ways

Term: pinrail, pin rail (n)
Definition: A stout wooden bar lashed across the shrouds having vertical holes drilled in them to accept the shafts of belaying pins. The halyards are secured on the belaying pins, and the bitter ends are carefully coiled and suspended from the pin rail.
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Term: rail (n)
Definition: A sturdy barricade at the outboard edge of the deck to provide security for passengers and crewmembers.

Term: rubrail (n)
Definition: A sacrificial board or fender attached along the hull at the widest point to protect against damage at the dock.
See Also: rubstrake, fender

Term: spray rail (n)
Definition: A shaped board mounted outboard forward above the waterline of fast boats to deflect the bow wave downward and reduce spray.

Term: taffrail (n)
Definition: The railing at the bulwark around the stern of a vessel.

Term: taffrail log (n)
Definition: A device which measures a vessel’s speed and distance travelled by counting the turns of a propeller towed over the stern. The device is commonly mounted on the taffrail convenient to the helm.
See Also: patent log, screw log
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/01/is-dead-recksoning-dead.html

Term: toerail (n)
Definition: A bulwark in smaller vessels. A low partition around the edges of the deck.
See Also: bulwark

Term: trailerboards (n)
Definition: Matching decorative boards mounted outboard on either side of the stem just below deck level. These are often elaborately carved, painted and gilded, and may draw attention to the figurehead.

Term: trailboard (n)
Definition: Decorative panels fitted to the bows of traditional sailing ships, extending from the figurehead to the hawspipe. The panels were usually carved, ornate, colourfully painted, and often bore the name of the ship.
See Also: hawspipe, board, figurehead

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