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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Z-drive (n)
Definition: The transmission, shaft and propeller assembly of an outboard motor.
See Also: V-drive, lower unit

Term: zephyr (n)
Definition: A light breeze.
See Also: puff

Term: zinc (n)
Definition: A sacrificial underwater metal fixture that helps reduce the effects of electrolysis on fastenings, rudder, shaft and propeller.
See Also: electrolysis

Term: zulu (adj)
Definition: A military term referring to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as in “We will be on station at oh-five-hundred zulu.” For ships at sea, GMT is a more precise method of coordinating time between ships that are constantly moving between time zones.
See Also: Greenwich mean time (GMT)

Term: zulu (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "z".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

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