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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: yacht (n)
Definition: A vessel used exclusively for private non-commercial purposes, as in: “You should dip your flag when passing the commodore’s yacht.” Technically any pleasure boat fits the definition, but in common usage the term is usually applied only to larger or more luxurious vessels.
See Also: pleasure boat

Term: yacht basin (n)
Definition: A safe waterway adjacent to a yacht club or marina for use by private recreational vessels.
See Also: marina

Term: yacht club (n)
Definition: A social organisation formed by owners of pleasure boats usually offering dockage and moorage, a building for social events, and a calendar of races and regattas for recreational boating.

Term: yachting (n)
Definition: The act of engaging in sailing for pleasure.
See Also: yacht, pleasure boat

Term: yachtsman (n)
Definition: 1) A person who owns and operates a yacht. 2) A type of lightweight anchor following the design of the huge kedge anchors used on ships of old. The yachtsman has a folding stock at 90 degrees from the arms.
See Also: anchor, ground tackle

Term: yankee (n)
Definition: 1) A sporty loose-footed downwind sail hoisted high in the foreward rigging. 2) A gaff topsail. 3) The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "y".
See Also: jib, genoa, spinnaker, phonetic alphabet

Term: yard (n)
Definition: A main horizontal timber in the rigging of sailing ships to which a squaresail, lateensail or lugsail is bent.
See Also: yardarm
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Term: yardarm (n)
Definition: The main horizontal timber in the rigging of square rigged ships to which the sail is bent.
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Term: yare (pron: yar) (adj)
Definition: Describing a boat that handles with little effort. A good sailing design, quick and capable.

Term: yaw (n)
Definition: The turning of a boat off course caused by seas arriving at an angle.
See Also: pitch, roll

Term: yaw (v)
Definition: To swing off course because of the force of following seas.
See Also: pitch, roll, broach

Term: yawl (n)
Definition: A two masted sailboat having the main mast stepped forward of the beam and a small mizzen stepped aft of the rudder post.
See Also: ketch

Term: yawlboat (n)
Definition: A ship’s small boat which could be launched from the deck.
See Also: jolly boat, gig

Term: yeoman (n)
Definition: A petty officer in the navy assigned office duties.

Term: yoke (n)
Definition: A bar mounted across the top of the rudderpost having lines running forward for steering canoes and kayaks.
See Also: rudderpost

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