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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: williwaw (n)
Definition: A powerful outflow wind that descends from the mountains and rushes in a westerly direction through fjords, often causing waterspouts. Such winds are common in the winter in coastal Alaska and the Magellan Passage of Chile. (Thanks to Ken Samuelsen)
See Also: squamish, waterspout

Term: winch (n)
Definition: A mechanism which employs sets of gears to turn a drum and provide a substantial mechanical advantage for taking a strain on lines. A few turns of the line are taken on the drum to achieve a purchase, then the winch is turned to bring the line taut. The bitter end of the line can then be secured to a cleat or bollard.

Term: winch (v)
Definition: To draw a line taut or to raise an anchor using a winch.
See Also: winch

Term: wind (n)
Definition: Surface level movement of bodies of air, identified by speed and direction from which the mass is moving. Winds are affected by differences in barometric pressure, heating and cooling of the earth’s surface, and the coriolus effect of the rotating earth.

Term: wind (v)
Definition: 1) To haul up using a capstan 2) To move a ship by hauling on ropes.
See Also: kedge

Term: wind pennant (n)
Definition: A small light flag flown from the masthead of small sailboats as a wind direction indicator.
See Also: telltale

Term: wind rose (n)
Definition: A design printed on a chart that indicates prevailing wind directions and speeds for a location.
See Also: compass rose

Term: wind speed indicator (n)
Definition: An electronic instrument which measures and displays the relative velocity of the wind. Usually there is a small propeller mounted aloft which spins in the wind. The speed of the turning propeller is gauged electrically and displayed on a readout at the helm.
See Also: anemometer

Term: windage (n)
Definition: The tendency of a vessel to move sideways away from the wind because of the forces of the wind on the topsides and above-deck structures; as in: “With that big trunk cabin, the boat must have a lot of windage.”

Term: windjammer (n)
Definition: A sailing vessel, especially one equipped with many large sails and capable of making fast voyages.

Term: windlass (n)
Definition: A geared bit that gives a mechanical advantage when drawing a line taut.
See Also: winch

Term: windstorm (n)
Definition: Storm weather with no rain

Term: windward (pron: wind'ard) (adv)
Definition: At or toward the side that is closest to the wind.
See Also: aweather, leeward

Term: windward (pron: wind'ard) (adj)
Definition: The side in the direction of the wind. The weather side.
See Also: weather, lee

Term: windward (pron: wind'ard) (n)
Definition: The relative direction from which the wind is blowing; as in: "Flat bottom boats will go to windward, but will not point as high as a good round bottom boat."
See Also: weather, lee

Term: wing and wing (adj or adv)
Definition: Referring to the set of sails on both sides of the vessel when sailing downwind. This set works only when sailing dead downwind, so that a jib can fill on one side of the boat and the main fill on the other. This set requires very attentive steering to keep both sails full and avoid jibing.
See Also: wung out

Term: winter (v)
Definition: To spend the winter, as in: “He decided to winter in Wood’s Hole.”

Term: wiper (n)
Definition: An apprentice engineer in the enginroom of a ship.

Term: wishbone rig (n)
Definition: incomplete.

Term: with the wind (adv)
Definition: Sailing downwind.
See Also: run, downwind

Term: withy (n)
Definition: A willow branch used as a lateral marker along minor waterways in the Thames Estuary. (Thanks to Tony Hays)
See Also: channel marker, aid to navigation

Term: work (v)
Definition: 1) To take strain on the rigging from the motion of the seas, so as to eventually result in weakening, loosening of fastenings and failure. 2) To sail to weather.

Term: workboat (n)
Definition: A commercial boat.

Term: working anchor (n)
Definition: One of two practical anchors usually carried aboard, used for daily ground tackle.
See Also: anchor, ground tackle

Term: worm shoe (n)
Definition: A sacrificial wooden plate fastened to the bottom of the keel.
See Also: false keel

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