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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: wharf (n)
Definition: A dock of substantial size parallel to shore where ships can tie up for loading or service.
See Also: dock, pier

Term: wharfage (n)
Definition: 1) The cost of tying up to a wharf for a period of time. 2) The total of all the wharfs and piers of a harbour.

Term: wharfinger (n)
Definition: The manager of a wharf. Wharfmaster. Dockmaster.
See Also: dockmaster, wharfmaster

Term: wharfmaster (n)
Definition: The manager of a wharf. Wharfinger. Dockmaster.
See Also: dockmaster, wharfinger

Term: wheel (n)
Definition: 1) The mechanism at the wheelhouse, usually with protruding spokes, that is used by the helmsman to steer the vessel. 2) Slang term for a propeller.
See Also: helm

Term: wheelhouse (n)
Definition: The deck compartment located at the bridge offering protection for the helmsman, watch officers and navigator, and housing the operations, communications and navigation stations.
See Also: pilothouse
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Term: wheelman (n)
Definition: One who steers the ship.
See Also: helmsman, steersman

Term: wherry (n)
Definition: 1) A narrow trading vessel having black hull and black sails, employed in the estuaries and canals of the north of England. 2) A slender gentleman's rowing boat with wineglass transom.
See Also: whitehall

Term: whip (v)
Definition: To tightly wind smallstuff around a splice or the bitter end of a rope in order to keep it from unlaying.
See Also: whipping

Term: whipping (n)
Definition: A covering over a splice or the bitter end of a rope made of tightly wound smallstuff.
See Also: whip

Term: whipstaff (n)
Definition: A removable pin fitted to slide vertically into a hole in the end of the tiller giving the helmsman a better handhold.
See Also: tiller, belaying pin

Term: whisker pole (n)
Definition: A light spar mounted on the bowsprit and used to hold out the clew of a jib when sailing downwind so that the sail can fill more effectively.

Term: whisker stays (n)
Definition: Pairs of shroud wires securing the end of the bowsprit to plates on the bow sheer.
See Also: standing rigging, bobstay

Term: whiskey (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "w".
See Also: radio

Term: whistle (n)
Definition: 1) A sound buoy aid to navigation, having a bellows that forces air through a tuned pipe to produce a distinctive sound. As with most sound buoys, the whistle is usually placed as a warning of a dangerous area. 2) The sound signal of a ship, used in fog or to indicate intentions when maneuvering near other ships
See Also: groaner, horn
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Term: whistle signal (n)
Definition: The meaningful sounding of the ship's horn or whistle as a warning or to indicate steering intentions to other ships.

Term: white squall (n)
Definition: A violent, but usually brief wind storm accompanied by torrents of rain that turn the air white and limit visibility to zero; as in: “He barely had time to take his sails down before a white squall blew in”
See Also: squall, squall line

Term: white water (n)
Definition: Fast moving river rapids descending over submerged rocks causing white foam.
See Also: rapids
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Term: whitecap, whitecaps (n)
Definition: A small wave with a breaking crest common on a windy day on inshore waters such as harbors and bays.
See Also: coamer, breaker

Term: whitehall (n)
Definition: A lovely and graceful fast rowing skiff characterized by a wineglass transom and flowing lines.
See Also: wherry, gig

Term: whole gale (n)
Definition: A storm wind of 55 to 63 miles per hour.
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: wide berth (n)
Definition: Ample room to maneuver. “With wind out of the east, best to give those rocks a wide berth.”

Term: widow's walk (n)
Definition: A cupola surrounded by a railed platform, common on the roof of houses in maritime communities, where an observer can pace and watch the sea for the return of ships carrying loved ones.

Term: width (n)
Definition: The measurement from side to side of a ship.
See Also: admeasurement

Term: wildcat (n)
Definition: A special wheel on a winch shaped to accommodate the links of an anchor chain.
See Also: gypsy, chainwheel

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