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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: water taxi (n)
Definition: A small commercial boat employed in carrying passengers to a destination over the water.

Term: watercourse (n)
Definition: A canal or waterway.

Term: watercraft (n)
Definition: A vessel of any type that can operate on the water.
See Also: vessel, boat, ship

Term: waterfront (n)
Definition: The land area adjacent to the sea, especially in a town or city.

Term: waterlight (n)
Definition: An emergency light that is fastened to the lifering or lifejacket for use by a crewman who has gone overboard.

Term: waterline (n)
Definition: The plane where a normally laden boat hull lies at the water's surface.
See Also: Plimsoll mark

Term: waterman (n)
Definition: 1) A commercial boat operator. 2) A fisherman (Chesapeake Bay).
See Also: seaman, mariner

Term: watermark (n)
Definition: A discoloration on the shore, rocks or docks that shows the highest point of tide.

Term: waterside (n)
Definition: Seaside.

Term: waterspout (n)
Definition: A small localized cyclone caused by rising air currents which picks up surface water and draws it aloft.

Term: watertight (adj)
Definition: Having the strength and ability to keep out water. Leak proof. Properly caulked and sealed.

Term: watertight bulkhead (n)
Definition: A substantial partition usually athwartships to segregate the ship into compartments that can be sealed to prevent the ship from sinking.
See Also: watertight compartment

Term: watertight compartment (n)
Definition: A belowdecks section of the ship which can be sealed off from the rest of the ship to preserve buoyancy in case of a breach.
See Also: watertight bulkhead

Term: waterway (n)
Definition: 1) A channel that has been improved by dredging or marking to make it safe for navigation 2) A gutter along the edge of the deck that drains at the scuppers.
See Also: channel

Term: watts skiff (n)
Definition: A class of fishing boats built by the Watts brothers boatyard in Collingwood on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Canada.
See Also: Collingwood skiff, drontheim

Term: wave (n)
Definition: The vertical movement of the surface water of the ocean caused by wind, and affected by currents, weather patterns, tides and the earth’s rotation.

Term: wax (v)
Definition: To gradually appear larger, as the moon while it changes phase.
See Also: wane

Term: way (n)
Definition: Movement through the water; as in: “In a following sea, you need to keep way on in order to have good rudder control.”

Term: way on (n)
Definition: Having forward movement of a vessel so that there is steering control.
See Also: way

Term: ways (n)
Definition: 1) The construction floor and launching facility where a ship is built. 2) A marine railway.
See Also: marine railway

Term: wear (v)
Definition: To haul about to an opposite tack by jibing.
See Also: jibe, wear ship

Term: wear ship (v)
Definition: To turn the ship away from the wind in order to change tacks downwind. All of the rigging turns and rubs during the maneuver, causing the gear to wear.
See Also: jibe

Term: wearing (v)
Definition: 1) Jibing, or running before the wind. Wearing ship. 2) Showing flags and ensigns.

Term: weather (n)
Definition: 1) The general environmental conditions of wind, precipitation and temperature. 2) The direction from which the wind is blowing; as in: “A square rigged ship has no hope of sailing to weather.”

Term: weather (adj)
Definition: Referring to the side of a vessel or a body of land that lies exposed to the wind.
See Also: lee

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