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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: waft (n)
Definition: 1) A light puff of wind. 2) A windsock or pennant which reveals the direction of the wind.
See Also: light air

Term: waft (v)
Definition: To move with only a slight puff of wind.
See Also: light air

Term: waist (n)
Definition: The middle part of the deck of a ship . The deck area between the masts.

Term: wake (n)
Definition: Waves emanating from a vessel as it passes through the water. The track of disturbed water left behind a moving ship.
See Also: track

Term: wall (n)
Definition: The steep forward face of a large breaking wave. (There is no such thing as a wall on board ship.)
See Also: bulkhead

Term: wallow (v)
Definition: To roll helplessly because of a large cargo or excessive leaking.

Term: wane (v)
Definition: To gradually appear smaller, as the moon while it changes phase.
See Also: wax

Term: wardroom (n)
Definition: The living quarter and mess for officers on a warship.

Term: warp (v)
Definition: To handle a ship into or out of a dock by using springlines and the engine.
See Also: springline

Term: warrant officer (n)
Definition: An officer in the US Navy W-1 through W-5, superior to all enlisted grades and below all Officer grades. Warrant officers are selected and installed because of their highly developed skills in a single specific field. They are highly valued teachers and advisors.

Term: warship (n)
Definition: Any ship designed and equipped for military engagement.

Term: wash (n)
Definition: The turbulent motion of water produced by the thrust of a propeller or oars.
See Also: backwash

Term: washboard (n)
Definition: A plank fastened above the gunwale aft to keep keep water out.
See Also: gunwale

Term: waste (n)
Definition: Rags used for soaking up spills.

Term: watch (n)
Definition: 1) A duty shift on board ship, as in “You will be working the four to eight watch tomorrow.” 2) A portion of the crew assigned to work during a specific period of time on board ship. 3) Alert observation of the surrounding seas, as in "Keep a bright watch."
See Also: dog watch
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/12/bells-and-watches.html

Term: watch cap (n)
Definition: A toque. A tightly fitting wool cap commonly worn by seamen

Term: watch officer (n)
Definition: The senior deck officer responsible for navigating and conducting the business of a ship during a specific duty period or watch.
See Also: con

Term: water (n)
Definition: Any of the earth’s fluids that are principally H20. The sea. “I love to get out on the water.”

Term: water dog (n)
Definition: An experienced and handy sailor.
See Also: tar, jack tar, gob, shellback

Term: water haul (n)
Definition: An empty net. A fishing expedition during which no fish were caught.

Term: water jacket (n)
Definition: A container of circulating cool water surrounding the firing chambers or exhaust of an internal combustion engine.
See Also: cooling system

Term: water jet (n)
Definition: A propulsion system that uses a high performance pump to provide thrust.

Term: water level (n)
Definition: 1) The waterline of a ship. 2) The relative height of the tide against the shore
See Also: watermark

Term: water logged (adj)
Definition: Having the interstitial spaces in the timbers of a wooden ship sodden with water and weakened.
See Also: logged

Term: water ski (v)
Definition: To be towed behind a fast boat while supported by planing skis.
See Also: plane

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