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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: V bottom (adj)
Definition: Describing a hull design employed by modified sharpies, yachts and sailboats, and some high-speed motorboats, where the underwater portion has a V shaped section.
See Also: sharpie

Term: V-drive (n)
Definition: A transmission mounted forward of the engine which reverses the direction of the shaft so that it can exit aft. This arrangement is used in some small powerboats so that the engine may be mounted all the way aft to free up cockpit space.
See Also: Z-drive

Term: vaka (n)
Definition: The main hull of a catamaran or proa.
See Also: proa, catamaran

Term: variable pitch (adj)
Definition: Referring to a propeller’s blades, having the capability to rotate so as to change the angle of the blade to the water. In practice this capability offers the operator of the vessel the option of reducing or increasing the thrust of the propeller, or reducing the drag of the propeller when the vessel is under sail and the engine is shut down

Term: variation (n)
Definition: The known difference between True North and Magnetic North at a specific chart location, expressed as an angle east or west of True North.
See Also: deviation, compass error

Term: varnish (n)
Definition: A glossy finish used on fine woodwork to protect without hiding the handsome grain and color of the wood.

Term: varnish (v)
Definition: To apply a varnish finish to woodwork.

Term: vector (n)
Definition: 1) The direction and speed of a current of water, employed in course calculations. 2) A course or compass direction as it applies to an airplane, but not used in this sense at sea.
See Also: course

Term: vee bottom (adj)
Definition: Describing a boat designed with the hull in the shape of a vee.
See Also: V bottom

Term: veer, veering (v)
Definition: 1) Changing direction of the wind clockwise; as in: “The wind is veering into the East.” 2) To lead a line around a bitt or block, thereby changing its direction for a purchase. 3) To indicate that the relative wind is changing direction toward the stern, as in “Ease the sheets; the wind is starting to veer.” 4) To let out rope. “You can veer out about 20 feet of the dinghy painter so it will tow better.”
See Also: back, backing
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/11/veer.html

Term: velocity (n)
Definition: The speed of the wind in relation to the earth.
See Also: relative velocity

Term: vent (n)
Definition: An opening that allows fresh air to circulate below.
See Also: dorade

Term: vent (v)
Definition: To exhaust stale air or gasses, as from a submarine.

Term: ventilate (n)
Definition: To open vents or fans so that gasses may be expelled and fresh air can circulate below.
See Also: blower

Term: ventilation (n)
Definition: The ability of a closed space to exchange fresh air for foul. “If the ventilation is good, there will never be a problem with mildew.”

Term: verge (v)
Definition: To move toward the horizon, referring to the sun.

Term: vernier (n)
Definition: A geared knob on a sextant for fine adjustment of the sight.
See Also: sextant

Term: vertigo (n)
Definition: A state of being dizzy from the action of the ship.
See Also: seasickness

Term: Very light (n)
Definition: A fireball shot into the sky as a warning or signal of distress.

Term: Very pistol (n)
Definition: A handgun used to launch flares into the sky as a warning or signal of distress, named for Edward Very (1847-1910) an American Naval officer who designed a breech loading, short barrel pistol to launch marine flares.
See Also: flare gun

Term: vessel (n)
Definition: Any craft that is capable of floating and moving on the water.

Term: VHF (n)
Definition: Very High Frequency. Radio frequencies between 30 and 300 megahertz.
See Also: marine radio, radio

Term: victor (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "v".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: victory ship (n)
Definition: A production cargo ship built during the last part of WWII as an improvement over the liberty ship.
See Also: liberty ship, hog islander
Blog Link: http://www.usmm.org

Term: visibility (n)
Definition: The relative clarity of the air affording a view of distant objects, as in: "The fog reduced our visibility to a few feet."
See Also: fog

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