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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: trunk (n)
Definition: 1) A proportionately large cabin structure built up through the deck to allow headroom below. 2) A structure built on deck to offer protection from the weather.

Term: trysail (pron: try'sl) (n)
Definition: A small self tending storm sail bent on a stay and short boom affording better control and stability in heavy weather.
See Also: storm trysail, storm sails

Term: tsunami (pron: soo nah mee) (n)
Definition: A huge sea swell caused by earthquake, which travels great distances over the ocean and is often responsible for tremendous destruction and loss of life when it reaches shore. The swell is less than a meter high but may be 100 to 300 kilometres wide, and travels at speeds up to 400 knots or more. At sea, the tsunami would not be noticed. (from the Japanese: harbour wave”)
See Also: tidal wave

Term: tub (n)
Definition: A derogatory term for an ungainly boat.

Term: tuck (n)
Definition: The area deep under the stern where the planking fits into the sternpost.

Term: tug, tugboat (n)
Definition: A vessel designed and equipped specifically for towing; as in: “During the docking of a ship, the pilot transmits orders to the tugs, and they respond with short whistle signals.” Typically a tug has a deep draft, moderate freeboard, a spacious low afterdeck for bits and hawsers, and a large powerful engine. Some tugs are specially outfitted to push as well as tow.
See Also: towboat, pushboat
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Term: tumble home (v)
Definition: To fall or curve inward, referring to the lines of the topsides or cabin sides of a boat.
See Also: tumblehome

Term: tumble home, tumblehome (n)
Definition: Describing the topsides or transom of a boat which curve inward toward the center line, so that the beamiest part of the vessel is below the upper deck. Above-deck features such as a trunk cabin would also be be described with the term if they are shaped to narrow slightly to the roof.
See Also: topsides

Term: tumbler (n)
Definition: A rocking pad mounted in the gaff jaws where the boom bears against the mast.
See Also: gaff jaws

Term: tuning (v)
Definition: Adjusting the shrouds and stays of a sailing boat so that the mast and sails are at optimum angles for best performance.

Term: turbine (n)
Definition: A sequence of blades mounted on a shaft rotating inside a tube turned by the pressure of steam or expanding gasses. Many ships use turbine engines to swing their propellers.

Term: turbulence (n)
Definition: Disturbed water caused by rapid flow over submerged obstructions.
See Also: rapids

Term: Turk's head (n)
Definition: A decorative knot used to provide a weighted end to a heaving line, or a secure grip to the bitter end of a handline.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: turn (n)
Definition: A single loop of a line providing a temporary purchase around a bit or cleat. As in: “Take a turn and hold it there.”

Term: turn of the bilge (n)
Definition: The part of the bottom of a ship where the relatively flat shape begins curving up to form the topsides.
See Also: bilge

Term: turnbuckle (n)
Definition: A mechanism with a threaded opening at both ends which connects to a shroud or stay, and by turning closed, draws the ends together and puts tension on the gear.

Term: turret (n)
Definition: A rotating gun mount on a military ship.

Term: twin engine (adj)
Definition: Referring to a vessel with two engines and two propellers.
See Also: twin screw

Term: twin screw (adj)
Definition: Referring to a vessel with two engines and two propellers. Twin engine.
See Also: twin engine

Term: twist (n)
Definition: The difference of the angle of a sail to the wind when comparing the top near the peak to the bottom near the boom.
See Also: kicking strap

Term: two block (v)
Definition: To hoist a flag to its highest point, so that the upper and lower blocks on the halyard meet.

Term: two blocked (adv)
Definition: 1) Describing the hoist such as for a flag or sail when it is hauled to its highest point. 2) Any hoist that is taken to the extreme so that the blocks meet and can travel no farther.
See Also: two block, chockablock

Term: typhoon (n)
Definition: A violent tropical cyclonic storm of the Pacific carrying winds in excess of 74 miles per hour.
See Also: hurricane, Beaufort scale

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