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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: track (v)
Definition: To sail following a course without excessive leeway.

Term: trade winds (n)
Definition: Prevailing surface air movement generally from East to West in the latitudes about 5 to 30 degrees north and south of the equator.
See Also: Tropical easterlies

Term: trailboard (n)
Definition: Decorative panels fitted to the bows of traditional sailing ships, extending from the figurehead to the hawspipe. The panels were usually carved, ornate, colourfully painted, and often bore the name of the ship.
See Also: hawspipe, board, figurehead

Term: trailerboards (n)
Definition: Matching decorative boards mounted outboard on either side of the stem just below deck level. These are often elaborately carved, painted and gilded, and may draw attention to the figurehead.

Term: tramp (n)
Definition: A ship that carries and delivers cargo wherever the captain finds work, and which does not follow any regular route.
See Also: coaster

Term: trans-Atlantic (adj)
Definition: Describing a type of voyage or a ship that sails such a route across the Atlantic Ocean

Term: transit bearing (n)
Definition: A line of position determined by lining up two charted features as they are passed.
See Also: range

Term: transmitter (n)
Definition: A device that can send messages by radio waves.
See Also: radio, marine radio

Term: transom (n)
Definition: The flat outboard stern structure of a ship from keel to deck.

Term: transom stern (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel’s hull which has a transom board aft to which the planking is fastened.
See Also: canoe stern

Term: transponder (n)
Definition: Electronic equipment that transmits a unique identifier signal when paged to identify the vessel and its location on a radar screen

Term: transport (n)
Definition: A ship used to carry troops and military equipment to and from an area of conflict.

Term: transship (v)
Definition: To offload cargo from one ship to another which will then continue to the destination

Term: trap (n)
Definition: A fishing cage which is baited and placed on the ocean floor to catch lobster or crab.
See Also: pot

Term: trapeze (n)
Definition: A line suspended from the mast and used to support the upper body of hikers.
See Also: hike

Term: travel lift (n)
Definition: A motorized hoist, sometimes designated as a mobile gantry crane, that can lift boats out of the water using slings, then drive to a storage or repair location ashore.
See Also: haul, haul out, careen

Term: traveler (n)
Definition: An arrangement of a wide metal bracket or horse often mounted on the cabin top or deck under the boom to which the sheet block is secured allowing it to move to the lee side at each tack.
See Also: horse, boom traveler

Term: trawl (n)
Definition: A fishing rig made up of the nets and lines that are dragged on the bottom behind a fishing boat.

Term: trawl (v)
Definition: To fish by dragging a bottom net behind a moving boat.

Term: trawler (n)
Definition: 1) A fishing boat specially equipped to drag a trawl over the bottom or midwater to catch fish. 2) A person who fishes with a trawl boat.
See Also: beam trawler, dragger

Term: trench (n)
Definition: An extremely deep canyon found in the ocean floor, as in "The deep submersible Alvin found abundant sealife in the Mariana Trench."
See Also: deep, abyss

Term: trestletrees (n)
Definition: Stout timbers mounted in pairs at the head of the mainmast as support for the crosstrees and the top.
See Also: bibbs
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Term: trice (v)
Definition: To tie down a sail with a quick temporary lashing of smallstuff.
See Also: lash

Term: trick (n)
Definition: A full watch at the helm.
See Also: watch

Term: trident (n)
Definition: A spear with three prongs used for fishing.

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