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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Tingle (n)
Definition: A batten or board used as a patch to cover a split or damage to the planking of a boat. Sometimes patches were made with lead or copper plate. Properly caulked and fastened, this sturdy repair will serve well until the damaged plank can be properly replaced.
See Also: batten

Term: toe strap (n)
Definition: A rope loosely fastened along the centerboard case under which a crewmember may tuck his feet while hiking.
See Also: hiking, hiking strap

Term: toe the line (imperative)
Definition: An order to the crew to come to formation with their toes on one of the deck seams so that they stood in a straight line.

Term: toerail (n)
Definition: A bulwark in smaller vessels. A low partition around the edges of the deck.
See Also: bulwark

Term: toggle (n)
Definition: A pin inserted in a knot which holds firmly when under strain, and can be quickly unbent simply by slipping the pin out.

Term: tomol canoe (n)
Definition: An ancient canoe of the California coast natives having carvel planks which were stitched together.
See Also: canoe

Term: tongue (n)
Definition: A long narrow land area jutting out into the water.
See Also: spit, peninsula

Term: tonnage (n)
Definition: A legal term referring to the measurements of a ship of which weight of cargo is only one part.
See Also: admeasurement

Term: top (n)
Definition: 1) A platform at the upper end of the lower mast used as a lookout and to support the rigging. 2) A high platform in the superstructure of a warship.

Term: topgallant (pron: tahgallant) (n)
Definition: The mast or sail above the main mast and mainsail in a square rigged ship.

Term: topping lift (n)
Definition: A halyard fitted to set the angle of the boom. In a gaff rig, the topping lift raises the after end of the gaff to make a nice set of the sail.

Term: topsail (tops'l) (n)
Definition: Any loose-footed sail hoisted above all the other sails on a mast.
See Also: gaff topsail

Term: topside (adv)
Definition: On deck. “Go topside and douse the jib.”
See Also: aloft

Term: topsides (n)
Definition: The visible outside of the hull. The outside face of the hull between the water and the deck.

Term: torpedo (n)
Definition: A self-propelled submarine anti-ship explosive device.

Term: torpedo boat (n)
Definition: A fast attack boat equipped with devices for launching torpedos.
See Also: PT boat, mosquito boat

Term: torque (n)
Definition: Twisting force. A measurement of the amount of turning force applied to a propeller shaft.

Term: tow (n)
Definition: A barge or other floating object that is pulled behind a boat. “He has a tow on a 400 foot hawser.” The term is also used to refer to barges that are pushed ahead of the tugboat.
See Also: barge

Term: tow, towing (v)
Definition: 1) To pull a boat or barge on a hawser behind another boat. 2) To pull a boat or barge along a canal using horses or machinery ashore.
See Also: towpath, canal

Term: towage (n)
Definition: 1) The cost charged for being towed. 2) The process of towing.

Term: towboat (n)
Definition: 1) A powerful boat designed and equipped to tow a barge on a hawser. 2) A powerful boat designed with a squared reinforced bow used for pushing barges.
See Also: pushboat, tugboat

Term: towing lights (n)
Definition: Specialty running lights mounted on the mast of towboats and used to warn shipping traffic that the tug and its tow are restricted in maneuverability and must be conceded the right of way.
See Also: tugboat
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Term: towpath (n)
Definition: A walking path alongside a canal used by horses towing barges.

Term: towrope (n)
Definition: A line used for connecting two boats for towing.
See Also: hawser

Term: track (n)
Definition: 1) A slot in the mast in which the slides are mounted for bending on the sail. 2) The disturbed water in the wake of a ship revealing the line of its passage. 3) The planned route of a ship from origin to destination, or the intended direction of the ship over the surface of the earth at any given point on its route.
See Also: wake, slide

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