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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: tar (v)
Definition: To coat with black petroleum distillates, pitch or resin in order to protect an item from corrosion or to keep the water from leaking in.

Term: taunt (adj)
Definition: Describing a ship’s mast as extremely tall.

Term: taut (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing a ship that is closely managed by a demanding master. 2) Having all the slack out, referring to a line.

Term: teak (n)
Definition: The wood of a tree (Tectona grandis) used in fine boat construction because of its durability, strength and handsome appearance.

Term: telescope (n)
Definition: A tube shaped monocular viewing instrument which employs lenses to magnify the image. Tele=distant, Scope=view. On a moving ship, a telescope is awkward and difficult to hold steady enough to see clearly. Most modern seamen use binoculars.
See Also: binoculars

Term: telltale (n)
Definition: 1) Strips of light material sewn to fly from the leech of the sail or the masthead to indicate the wind flow and help the crew correct the sailtrim. 2) A cabin compass, often inverted in a gimballed mount over the Captain's berth, so that he can monitor the ship's heading.
See Also: sailtrim, trim, compass, gimbal

Term: tender (n)
Definition: A small boat used to ferry passengers and light cargo between ship and shore, and to perform tasks outside the hull.
See Also: launch, dinghy

Term: tender (adj)
Definition: Describing a sailboat that heels easily in a breeze and will swamp or capsize if the sheets and helm are not handled carefully.
See Also: crank

Term: teredo (n)
Definition: A tropical marine worm that bores into the keel and planking of wooden boats causing damage.
See Also: shipworm

Term: tern schooner (n)
Definition: A three-masted schooner.
See Also: schooner

Term: territorial waters (n)
Definition: The ocean waters adjacent to a nation claimed as under local jurisdiction and control.

Term: thaft (n)
Definition: A thwart, meaning any brace or seat installed across or between the gunwales of a boat. (local dialect)
See Also: thwart

Term: thimble (n)
Definition: A metal ring with a shaped outer groove used to reinforce an eye splice.

Term: thole pins, thowle pins (n)
Definition: Pegs mounted vertically in the gunwale of a rowboat against which the oars are pulled.
See Also: oarlocks, rowlocks, dildos
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Term: thowle pins (n)
Definition: Thole pins.
See Also: oarlock, rowlock

Term: three sheets to the wind (n)
Definition: Drunk. Though this is not really a nautical term, it no doubt originated at sea. When the sheets (the lines that control the angle of the sails) are loosed, the ship will lose way and wallow out of control like a drunken sailor.
See Also: aback

Term: three-quarter rig (n)
Definition: A rigging design for small boats in which the forstay is fastened somewhat below the masthead, and the mast is stepped farther forward than in a typical sloop rig.
See Also: fractional rig

Term: three-strand (adj)
Definition: Referring to a type of cordage made by twisting three strands of material, as in "He uses three-strand for his docklines, and braid for his sheets and halyards."
See Also: braid, cordage, rope

Term: throat (n)
Definition: 1) The forward part of the boom of a gaff-rigged vessel where a U-shaped structure rides against the mast. The throat is traditionally sheathed in leather chafing gear, and daubed with lanolin oil to make is slide easily. 2) The point at the top of the luff of a gaff rigged sail. 3) That part of an oar at the narrow end of the blade.
See Also: gaff rig

Term: throat halyard (n)
Definition: A halyard arranged to haul up the forward part of the gaff. In practice, this halyard is hauled together with the peak halyard.
See Also: halyard, peak halyard

Term: throttle (n)
Definition: A relay lever used to adjust the speed of the engine. 2) A valve that controls the flow of steam directed to the piston from the boiler of a steam engine.
See Also: controls

Term: through fastening (n)
Definition: A bolt that penetrates all the way through the pieces to be joined and is secured with washer and nut.

Term: through-hull fitting (n)
Definition: Any hardware accessory mounted so that it penetrates the hull, as in "When you find you are taking on water, check the through-hull fittings first."
See Also: through fastening

Term: throw (v)
Definition: To tie a knot or a hitch.

Term: throw (n)
Definition: The limit of the distance traveled by a piston or any moving machine part.

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