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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: tabernacle (n)
Definition: A substantial fitting for mounting the mast on deck so that it can be lowered easily for trailering or for sailing under bridges.
See Also: crotch, gallows

Term: tabling (n)
Definition: Reinforcing material sewn around a bolt rope at the edge of a sail.
See Also: bolt rope

Term: tachometer (n)
Definition: An engine instrument that reports the speed of the engine in revolutions per minute.

Term: tack (n)
Definition: 1) A sailing direction to weather. 2) The lower forward corner of a fore and aft sail or the upper corner at the foot of a square sail..
See Also: port tack, starboard tack, sailing directions

Term: tack cloth (n)
Definition: A rag moistened with resin used to clean dust from a surface before varnishing or painting.

Term: tack, tacking (v)
Definition: Turning across the eye of the wind in order to fill the sails on the opposite side and make good a course toward a destination to weather.
See Also: come about, wear ship, jibe

Term: tackle (n)
Definition: A general term for all the running gear to be found on a ship, especially equipment used for hauling.
See Also: gear

Term: taffrail (n)
Definition: The railing at the bulwark around the stern of a vessel.

Term: taffrail log (n)
Definition: A device which measures a vessel’s speed and distance travelled by counting the turns of a propeller towed over the stern. The device is commonly mounted on the taffrail convenient to the helm.
See Also: patent log, screw log
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/01/is-dead-recksoning-dead.html

Term: Tahiti ketch (n)
Definition: A type of full keel sailboat having comfortable accomodations for long passages, and a ketch rig.
See Also: ketch

Term: tail (v)
Definition: To swing at anchor with the stern of the vessel in a certain direction “With the currents in the anchorage, the boats tail to the North most of the time.”

Term: tailwind (n)
Definition: A wind over the stern
See Also: headwind

Term: take down (v)
Definition: To lower, referring to the sails.
See Also: douse

Term: take on water, taking on water (v)
Definition: To leak. As in: “After an hour in heavy seas, she began to take on water.”
See Also: leak

Term: take up (v)
Definition: To haul in, referring to slack in a line.

Term: taken aback (n)
Definition: The situation when the wind shifts drastically and suddenly causing the sails to fill from the other side, stopping the ship, and endangering the masts and rigging.
See Also: aback

Term: tall ship (n)
Definition: Any of the large square rigged sailing ships.

Term: tallow (n)
Definition: The waxy fat from mutton used as a leather lubricant on board ship, and for arming the lead on a leadline.
See Also: leadline

Term: tanbark (adj)
Definition: The bark of trees rich in tannin and used for tanning hides. Canvas sails were often treated with tanbark to help preserve them. The process gave the sails a rich deep red color.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/10/tanbark.html

Term: Tancook whaler (n)
Definition: A Nova Scotia design of fishing schooner. The design is peculiar to the Tancook Islands off Chester Basin on the Atlantic shore where the boats were built. The graceful design has low freeboard amidships for hauling in nets and traps. Sometimes referred to as a Tancook schooner.

Term: tang (n)
Definition: 1) A metal plate fastened to the mast to which shrouds are connected. 2) A projection of a tool or blade to which a handle is fastened
See Also: chainplate

Term: tangle (n)
Definition: Seaweed. (Scot)

Term: tango (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "t".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: tanker (n)
Definition: A ship designed and equipped for carrying liquid cargo, such as crude oil.

Term: tar (n)
Definition: 1) A thick black liquid made from distilled coal residue, used to seal joints and seams. 2) A sailor. Jack Tar.
See Also: sailor, seaman, waterman, Jack tar

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