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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: shipload (n)
Definition: As much cargo as can be carried aboard a ship.

Term: shipman (n)
Definition: 1) Seaman or sailor. 2) The master of a ship.

Term: shipmaster (n)
Definition: The commander of a non-military ship.
See Also: master, captain

Term: shipmate (n)
Definition: A companion on board ship, a fellow seaman
See Also: messmate

Term: shipping (n)
Definition: 1) The business of transporting cargo or passengers by sea, as in “his business is shipping. 2) All of the ships in a body of water, as in “the navy keeps an eye on shipping.”

Term: shipping (adj)
Definition: Having to do with ships, as in “avoid shipping lanes.”

Term: shipping lane (n)
Definition: A regulated pathway for ships so that vessels operating in a congested waterway can avoid collision.
See Also: sea lane, seaway

Term: shipshape (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel that is well equipped, clean, neat, with gear stowed properly.
See Also: Bristol fashion

Term: shipside (n)
Definition: The dock or loading area alongside a ship.

Term: shipway (n)
Definition: 1) The floor and launching facility on which a ship is built. 2) A canal connecting two seaways.
See Also: ways

Term: shipworm ()
Definition: A clam having an elongated shape which burrows into wooden hulls and other marine structures causing damage.
See Also: toredo

Term: shipwreck (n)
Definition: A vessel that has been destroyed, stranded or sunk.
See Also: wreck

Term: shipwreck (v)
Definition: To sink or seriously damage a ship by collision or by running it onto rocks or aground.

Term: shipwright (n)
Definition: A tradesman with special skills in construction of ships.
See Also: boatwright, boatbuilder

Term: shipyard (n)
Definition: A building or area where ships are constructed or repaired.
See Also: boatyard

Term: shoal (n)
Definition: An area where the bottom shape rises near the surface making the waters unsafe for navigation
See Also: bar, shallows

Term: shoal (v)
Definition: To become more shallow, as in “the inlet is beginning to shoal.”

Term: shoal draft (adj)
Definition: Describing boats that are designed and built to operate in relatively shallow waters, such as the Chesapeake Bay oystering boats.
See Also: pinkey, centerboard

Term: shoe (n)
Definition: A board or timber fastened to the bottom of the keel providing an additional watertight covering for boltholes, and serving as chafing gear to protect against scraping..
See Also: wormshoe

Term: shoot (n)
Definition: The rhythmic return of the oars between strokes when rowing.

Term: shoot (v)
Definition: To paddle downstream through rapids.

Term: shore (n)
Definition: 1) The edge of the sea. 2) The beach. 3) The boundary of a country, referring to the ocean

Term: shore (up) (v)
Definition: To brace or support a vessel that is hauled out or careened.

Term: shoreward (adv)
Definition: Toward the beach.

Term: shoring (n)
Definition: Braces used to support a boat out of the water.

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