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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: sheet bend (n)
Definition: A hitch used to temporarily connect a line to an eye or the bight of another line.

Term: sheet block (n)
Definition: A block and tackle arrangement for controlling the angle of attack of the mainsail.

Term: sheet home (v)
Definition: To haul in the sheets as far as possible to flatten the sails.

Term: shell (n)
Definition: A narrow, very light, racing rowboat.
See Also: scull

Term: shellback (n)
Definition: A veteran sailor, usually referring to one who has crossed the equator.
See Also: salt, water dog

Term: shelter (n)
Definition: A refuge from winds and seas. “The prudent sailor will seek shelter when a gale is blowing.”

Term: sheltered (adj)
Definition: Describing waterways that are protected from high winds and ocean waves.

Term: shift (n)
Definition: A change of direction of the wind.

Term: ship (v)
Definition: 1) To send by sea, or take cargo on board for transport. 2) To bring oars or gangway on board. 3) To go on board for a passage, or begin work on board. 4) To mount ready for use, as in “ship the rudder, and we are ready to sail.” 5) To take on water.

Term: ship (n)
Definition: Any relatively large ocean-going vessel.

Term: ship auger (n)
Definition: A large and extremely long drilling bit used by a shipwright to bore boltholes in the keel of a wooden boat.

Term: ship biscuit (n)
Definition: Hard tack, a biscuit or bread made of flour and water and no salt. The result is a rock-hard bread that keeps well for voyages.

Term: ship fever (n)
Definition: Typhus or other forms of infectious disease especially those transmitted by fleas, lice, or mites. Patients suffered severe headache, sustained high fever, depression, delirium, and the eruption of red skin rashes.

Term: ship of the line (n)
Definition: A large warship, powerful enough to be effective in a sea battle.

Term: ship rig (n)
Definition: A sail plan for a large vessel comprised of three masts, each with a lower mast, a topmast and a topgallant mast, and a full complement of square sails, together with as many as four foresails.
See Also: first rate

Term: ship's bell (n)
Definition: The bronze bell that was used to signal the time and change of watch on board ship.
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Term: ship's boy (n)
Definition: A young boy who worked as a servant on board ship especially serving the captain and running errands; often referred to as "the boy".
See Also: cabin boy

Term: ship's cousin (n)
Definition: A crewmember who is shown special attention or given special privileges by the officers and owners of the ship. The term is gently derogatory, something like the term "teacher’s pet".

Term: ship's papers (n)
Definition: Documents certifying ownership, home port, admeasurements, cargo and passengers of a ship.

Term: shipboard (n)
Definition: 1) The side of a ship. 2) Ship, as in “I learned that on shipboard.”

Term: shipboard (adj)
Definition: Referring to anything that is located on or in a ship or that takes place on board a ship.

Term: shipborne (adj)
Definition: Transported on board a ship.

Term: shipbuilder (n)
Definition: One who designs and manages the construction of ships.

Term: shipfitter (n)
Definition: 1) A plumber on board ship. 2) One of the enlisted grades on a naval vessel, responsible for sheet metal and plumbing tasks. 3) A tradesman who places parts of a ship together for welding.

Term: shiplap (n)
Definition: Planking that overlaps the adjacent plank with a rabbet and is through fastened to form a flush joint.
See Also: clinker built, lapstrake

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