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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: section (n)
Definition: A view of a ship design showing the station lines as they would appear if the vessel were transected by a plane.

Term: sector light (n)
Definition: A lighted aid to navigation that displays red or green to the sides of a safe channel, and white when the entering vessel is in safe waters.
See Also: leading light, range

Term: secure (n)
Definition: 1) In a state with hatches closed, loose gear fastened down and all mechanical and electrical gear in a safe configuration. 2) Tied up to a berth. 3) Sealed and made watertight.

Term: secure (v)
Definition: 1) To close hatches, fasten any loose gear and place all mechanical and electrical gear in a safe configuration 2) To tie up to a berth. 3) To seal and make watertight. 4) To go off duty (navy).

Term: securite (interjection)
Definition: The universal spoken radio call indicating that there is a hazard to navigation and that ships in the area need to take precautions. (Pronounced "Seh cure ee tay" and always spoken three times to alert all radio operators.)
See Also: pan, mayday

Term: sedan (n)
Definition: A motorboat with a cabin forward and an cockpit aft all on the same level.

Term: seize (v)
Definition: 1) To secure the end of a rope from fraying or unlaying by whipping, gluing or taping. 2) To attach a piece of hardware to a sail or line by sewing and wrapping.

Term: seizing (n)
Definition: Whipping or lashing with tarred small stuff.

Term: self bailing (adj)
Definition: Feature of a boat with drains that empty water automatically, either by gravity through scuppers or by Bernoulli effect.

Term: self-tending jib (n)
Definition: A club footed triangular foresail which is sheeted to the forward deck and needs not be adjusted when tacking.
See Also: club footed

Term: semi-displacement hull (n)
Definition: A hull design featuring a vee shape forward and flatter bottom aft. This compromise design offers the vessel a somewhat more comfortable action at slow speeds, and allows planing at high speeds.

Term: semi-diurnal (adj)
Definition: Referring to tides that occur twice during a 24 hour interval, or high tides that occur at approximately 12 hour intervals.

Term: send (n)
Definition: The elevation that a wave gives to a boat as it passes under the hull.

Term: sensor (n)
Definition: A device that is energized by a change in state and transmits that information to a readout, alarm or motor control.

Term: sentinel (n)
Definition: A weight rigged with a shackle and recovery line to slide freely down the anchor rode to reduce the angle between the anchor and the bow of the boat. This offers better holding power for the ground tackle in heavy weather or in a crowded anchorage where a short rode may be necessary.
See Also: kellet, ground tackle, anchor, chum weight

Term: series (adj)
Definition: Of a direct current electrical system in which several batteries are connected positive to negative and negative to positive resulting in service with voltage multiplied by the number of batteries.
See Also: parallel

Term: serve (v)
Definition: To whip a splice or the end of a rope with a protective winding of small cord or wire.
See Also: parcel, parcel and serve

Term: serving (n)
Definition: A protective wrapping of small cord wound tight around a splice or the end of a rope.

Term: set (n)
Definition: The direction of current flow; one of the variables employed to calculate a reliable course over the bottom.
See Also: drift

Term: set sail (v)
Definition: To raise sails in preparation to getting under way.

Term: seven seas (n)
Definition: 1) Generally, all of the ocean waters of the earth. 2) The large waters of the ancient world: the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
See Also: four oceans
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/04/seven-seas.html

Term: sewer pipe (n)
Definition: WWII American slang for a submarine.
See Also: submarine

Term: sextant (n)
Definition: A precision instrument used to measure the elevation of celestial bodies above the horizon as a means of determining the position of the ship.
See Also: quadrant, astrolabe

Term: shackle (n)
Definition: 1) A substantial U shaped fastener closed with a threaded bolt, used to securely connect two hardware parts, such as chain to an anchor, block to a padeye, shroud to a chainplate etc. 2) Fifteen fathoms of anchor chain

Term: shackle (v)
Definition: To fasten with a shackle.

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