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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: seacoast (n)
Definition: The boundary land around the oceans.

Term: seacock (n)
Definition: A safety valve mounted inboard of a through hull fitting. If a pipe from a through hull fitting begins leaking, the sea cock can be closed to prevent flooding while repairs are made.

Term: seafarer (n)
Definition: A person who goes to sea; a sailor or mariner.

Term: seafaring (adj)
Definition: Referring to a person who goes to sea.

Term: seagoing (adj)
Definition: Describing a person or vessel qualified and capable of handling the harsh conditions of the open ocean.

Term: seakindly (adj)
Definition: Describing a ship with a gentle action.

Term: sealer (n)
Definition: A boat fitted out to hunt for arctic seals.

Term: seam (n)
Definition: A shaped opening between plank edges that is filled with caulking to keep out water.

Term: seaman (n)
Definition: A sailor or mariner.
See Also: waterman

Term: seamanlike (adv)
Definition: In the manner of an experienced seaman, meaning alert, disciplined, capable and knowledgable.
See Also: shellback

Term: seamanship (n)
Definition: The skills and abilities required to efficiently and safely operate a ship.

Term: seamen (n)
Definition: Sailors.

Term: seamount (n)
Definition: A mountainous feature of the sea bottom, rising near the surface and offering an environment for abundant sealife.
See Also: bank, Grand Banks, guyot

Term: seaplane (n)
Definition: An airplane which operates by landing and taking off from the water.
See Also: airboat

Term: seaport (n)
Definition: A coastal harbour offering safe anchorage, dockage, and facilities for offloading cargo. Port.

Term: seascape (n)
Definition: A picture of an ocean scene.

Term: seashore (n)
Definition: Areas that closely border the oceans and seas, especially resort or recreational beaches.
See Also: littoral, beach

Term: seasick, seasickness (n)
Definition: Malaise and vomiting caused by the motion of the ship affecting the sense of balance.
See Also: motion sickness

Term: seaside (n)
Definition: Seashore. The area adjacent to the ocean

Term: seawall (n)
Definition: A construction that is built out into the water to protect a harbour from heavy seas.

Term: seaward (adv)
Definition: In a direction toward the ocean

Term: seawater (n)
Definition: Salt water.

Term: seaway (n)
Definition: 1) An ocean transit lane commonly used by ships. 2) Space around a ship necessary to operate and maneuver. 3) An inland waterway deep enough to be used by oceangoing ships, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway.
See Also: shipping lane, sea lane

Term: seaweed (n)
Definition: Any vegetation growing in the ocean
See Also: wrack, sargassum

Term: seaworthy (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel that is strongly built, properly maintained and equipped with all the necessary gear to make a safe sea voyage.

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