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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: sea change (n)
Definition: A complete transformation of a beach or harbour caused by storm waves.

Term: sea chest (n)
Definition: A lockable box or cabinet in which a sailor stores his personal belongings.

Term: sea duty (n)
Definition: A period of time during a military career spent at sea.

Term: sea fire (n)
Definition: Bioluminescence caused by sea microbes that emit a faint light when disturbed by a paddle or propeller.

Term: sea gate (n)
Definition: A channel or inlet leading to the ocean

Term: sea ice (n)
Definition: Ice which forms on the surface of the ocean when the seawater freezes.
See Also: iceberg, ice floe, growler, bergy bit

Term: sea ladder (n)
Definition: A temporary boarding ladder lowered over the side of a ship.
See Also: boarding ladder

Term: sea lane (n)
Definition: A recognized route for ships.
See Also: shipping lane

Term: sea legs (n)
Definition: The ability to anticipate the motion of a vessel and work without stumbling or becoming ill.

Term: sea level, sealevel (n)
Definition: The height of the ocean surface compared to a datum base.

Term: sea mile (n)
Definition: A nautical mile. The length of one minute of arc of a great circle on the surface of the earth. A distance measurement equal to 6076.1 feet or 1.15 statute miles, or 1.85 kilometres.

Term: sea oil (n)
Definition: Oil carried on board ship specifically to pour over the side to calm the seas. Pouring oil on troubled waters really does work.

Term: sea pups (n)
Definition: Skin sores caused by constant exposure to salt water.

Term: sea room (n)
Definition: Enough unobstructed water around the ship to be able to maneuver safely. Leeway.

Term: sea state (n)
Definition: A summary description of the height, period, direction and fetch of the ocean surface waves at a given time and place.

Term: sea steps (n)
Definition: Steps mounted on the hull of a ship for the pilot to climb up when boarding.

Term: sea stores (n)
Definition: Ship’s stores. Supplies stocked on board for use as needed during a voyage.

Term: sea train (n)
Definition: A ship designed to carry railroad cars across a body of water. Ferry.

Term: seabag (n)
Definition: A duffle bag, usually made of canvas and closed with a drawstring, used for stowing a seaman’s kit.
See Also: ditty bag

Term: seabed (m)
Definition: The bottom of the oceans, especially the sand and filtered material that settles on the bottom.

Term: seabiscuit (n)
Definition: Hard tack. A tough dry bread made without salt or leavening that keeps well for long voyages.

Term: seaboard (n)
Definition: 1) The land area at the boundary of the ocean “The ICW runs the full length of the Eastern Seaboard.” 2) A beach or shoreline, especially a pleasant or lovely seashore location.
See Also: littoral, beach

Term: seaboot (n)
Definition: A high rubber boot worn by fishermen and sailors.

Term: seaborne (adj)
Definition: Referring to activity such as trade that is conducted by transporting over the sea.

Term: seacoast (n)
Definition: The boundary land around the oceans.

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