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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: sea change (n)
Definition: A complete transformation of a beach or harbour caused by storm waves.

Term: sea chest (n)
Definition: A lockable box or cabinet in which a sailor stores his personal belongings.

Term: sea duty (n)
Definition: A period of time during a military career spent at sea.

Term: sea fire (n)
Definition: Bioluminescence caused by sea microbes that emit a faint light when disturbed by a paddle or propeller.

Term: sea gate (n)
Definition: A channel or inlet leading to the ocean

Term: sea ice (n)
Definition: Ice which forms on the surface of the ocean when the seawater freezes.
See Also: iceberg, ice floe, growler, bergy bit

Term: sea ladder (n)
Definition: A temporary boarding ladder lowered over the side of a ship.
See Also: boarding ladder

Term: sea lane (n)
Definition: A recognized route for ships.
See Also: shipping lane

Term: sea lawyer (n)
Definition: An enlisted person in the U.S. Navy on sea duty who unofficially assists seaman who are in shipboard related trouble, by speaking with the appropriate commissioned officer on the seaman's behalf. Analogous to an ombudsman.

Term: sea legs (n)
Definition: The ability to anticipate the motion of a vessel and work without stumbling or becoming ill.

Term: sea level, sealevel (n)
Definition: The height of the ocean surface compared to a datum base.

Term: sea mile (n)
Definition: A nautical mile. The length of one minute of arc of a great circle on the surface of the earth. A distance measurement equal to 6076.1 feet or 1.15 statute miles, or 1.85 kilometres.

Term: sea oil (n)
Definition: Oil carried on board ship specifically to pour over the side to calm the seas. Pouring oil on troubled waters really does work.

Term: sea pups (n)
Definition: Skin sores caused by constant exposure to salt water.

Term: sea room (n)
Definition: Enough unobstructed water around the ship to be able to maneuver safely. Leeway.

Term: sea state (n)
Definition: A summary description of the height, period, direction and fetch of the ocean surface waves at a given time and place.

Term: sea steps (n)
Definition: Steps mounted on the hull of a ship for the pilot to climb up when boarding.

Term: sea stores (n)
Definition: Ship’s stores. Supplies stocked on board for use as needed during a voyage.

Term: sea train (n)
Definition: A ship designed to carry railroad cars across a body of water. Ferry.

Term: seabag (n)
Definition: A duffle bag, usually made of canvas and closed with a drawstring, used for stowing a seaman’s kit.
See Also: ditty bag

Term: seabed (m)
Definition: The bottom of the oceans, especially the sand and filtered material that settles on the bottom.

Term: seabiscuit (n)
Definition: Hard tack. A tough dry bread made without salt or leavening that keeps well for long voyages.

Term: seaboard (n)
Definition: 1) The land area at the boundary of the ocean “The ICW runs the full length of the Eastern Seaboard.” 2) A beach or shoreline, especially a pleasant or lovely seashore location.
See Also: littoral, beach

Term: seaboot (n)
Definition: A high rubber boot worn by fishermen and sailors.

Term: seaborne (adj)
Definition: Referring to activity such as trade that is conducted by transporting over the sea.

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