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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: scotch (n)
Definition: A chock used to keep deck gear from sliding.

Term: scotch (v)
Definition: To secure with a chock to keep gear from sliding.

Term: scour (v)
Definition: To dig out the ocean bottom as a result of storm surges and currents.

Term: scow (n)
Definition: A flat bottom barge with a raked transom at both ends, designed for shallow waters, as in "They haul their waste on a garbage scow."
See Also: barge

Term: screw (n)
Definition: Propeller.

Term: screw log (n)
Definition: A taffrail log, so called because the instrument measures the turning rate of the spinning rotator being towed behind in order to measure the speed and distance travelled over the water.
See Also: patent log, taffrail log

Term: scrimshander (n)
Definition: A person who practices the art of etching and staining images on whalebone.
See Also: scrimshaw

Term: scrimshaw (n)
Definition: The art of the sailor, usually carvings of ships and other seafaring scenes, on the bones of whales. The designs were meticulously scratched into the surface of the bone, then rubbed with ink or stain to make the design stand out.
See Also: scrimshander

Term: scroll head (n)
Definition: A decorative carving in the top of the stem post of a ship.
See Also: figurehead

Term: scuba (adj)
Definition: Acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA), a term coined by Jacques Cousteau.

Term: scuba diver (n)
Definition: A swimmer who descends under the water for extended periods of time with scuba gear.

Term: scuba gear (n)
Definition: Equipment necessary to swim freely under the water for extended periods of time: mask, compressed air tank, demand regulator, pressure guage, weights and fins. Additional gear is commonly used: wetsuit (or drysuit), knife, slate, camera, net and speargun

Term: scud (n)
Definition: Loose low level clouds being driven fast by the wind.

Term: scudding (n)
Definition: Sailing fast with the wind astern
See Also: running, run

Term: scull (n)
Definition: 1) A long narrow racing shell powered by one or two oarsmen 2) An long oar used to propel a boat over the stern using a twisting side-to-side motion of the blade. 3) A racing oar used in pairs by a single oarsman

Term: scull (v)
Definition: To propel a boat by employing a single oar over the stern using a twisting side-to-side motion of the blade.

Term: scuppers (n)
Definition: The openings in the bulwarks that allow drainage over the side. Sometimes the term is used to describe the waterways, the outboard deck area just inside the bulwarks.
See Also: waterway

Term: scurvy (n)
Definition: A disabling disease causing bleeding under the skin of the nose and mouth, tooth loss and painful soft gums as a result of vitamin C deficiency. Sailors often went without fresh fruit and greens (a primary source of vitamin C) because they spoil quickly. The solution for British seamen was the addition of lime to their drinks.
See Also: limey

Term: scuttle (v)
Definition: To purposely sink a vessel by opening up seacocks or cutting a hole in the bottom.

Term: scuttle (n)
Definition: 1) A small deck opening, just large enough for a man to climb through to get to a belowdeck compartment. 2) The lid on such a deck opening.
See Also: scuttlebutt
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/11/from-scuttlebutt-to-water-cooler.html

Term: scuttlebutt (n)
Definition: 1) A barrel containing a ration of drinking water for the crew. 2) Gossip. Notice that the modern office drinking fountain (scuttlebutt) is where employees gather to exchange gossip.
See Also: galley news
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/11/from-scuttlebutt-to-water-cooler.html

Term: sea (n)
Definition: 1) A body of water smaller and more restricted than an ocean, as in “Mediterranean Sea.” 2) The motion or disturbance on the surface of ocean waters, as in “The ship was laboring in heavy seas.”

Term: sea anchor (n)
Definition: A sturdy canvas chute deployed over the bow to create drag and give a vessel better directional stability when hove to in very heavy seas.
See Also: drogue

Term: sea bag (n)
Definition: A duffle bag used by a seaman for his clothing and gear.
See Also: kit

Term: sea captain (n)
Definition: A person who earns his livelihood by operating ships at sea.
See Also: master

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