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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: submersible (n)
Definition: A vessel designed and constructed to operate and perform useful functions under water, especially for research or rescue work.
See Also: submarine, bathyscaphe

Term: suit of sails (n)
Definition: All of the sails needed to fully equip a particular sailing craft.
See Also: canvas

Term: sun deck (n)
Definition: An uppermost deck on a passenger ship where passengers can enjoy the sun

Term: sun dog (n)
Definition: A brightly lighted spot in the sky on a plane with the altitude of the sun above the horizon caused by light refracting from ice crystals.

Term: sun sight (n)
Definition: A measurement by sextant of the altitude of the sun’s lower limb in relation to the horizon, made by a navigator to determine latitude.

Term: Sunfish (n)
Definition: Trade name for a simple small sailboat design

Term: sunken (adj)
Definition: Describing a ship that has gone down and is resting on the bottom.

Term: sunker (n)
Definition: A rock or ledge dangerous to navigation that remains submerged even at low tide.
See Also: ledge, bank, hazard, bar

Term: supercargo (n)
Definition: A merchant officer in charge of the business aspects of a commercial ship.

Term: superliner (n)
Definition: An especially large passenger ship.

Term: superstructure (n)
Definition: Any above deck structure.

Term: supertanker (n)
Definition: The largest of the liquid bulk carrier ships employed in the petroleum transport industry.
See Also: tanker

Term: superyacht (n)
Definition: A very large and extravagant private pleasure vessel, usually more than 25 meters LOA.
See Also: yacht, gold plater

Term: supplyship (n)
Definition: A ship that provides fuel, parts, food and other consumables to other ships at sea in order to extend their range.

Term: surf (n)
Definition: Lines of waves that mount higher as they pass over shallower water and finally break as they near the beach.
See Also: breaker

Term: surf (v)
Definition: To ride down the face of breaking waves off a beach using a surfboard.

Term: surfboard (n)
Definition: A long shaped board that can be used as a means for riding down the face of breaking waves off the beach.

Term: surfboat (n)
Definition: A rowboat that can be launched from the beach through the surf in order to save the lives of swimmers or victims of shipwreck.
See Also: lifeboat, beach boat

Term: surfing (n)
Definition: The act of riding down the face of breaking waves off the beach.

Term: surge (n)
Definition: 1) An elevated level of tidal water and high waves caused by storm at sea. 2) The motion of a ship rolling in heavy seas. 3) The tapered part of a capstan drum.

Term: surge (v)
Definition: 1) To ease a hawser quickly to keep it from parting. 2) To take a turn around a bitt. 3) To rise suddenly on an ocean swell.

Term: survey (n)
Definition: The inspection of a surveyor; as in: “I recommend you have a survey before you make an offer on that ship.”

Term: survey (v)
Definition: To examine a ship for damage or faults, usually before a sale or insurance coverage is approved.

Term: surveyor (n)
Definition: An expert in ship design and maintenance who performs a detailed inspection to determine the measurements of a ship, and make recommendations for repairs.
See Also: marine surveyor

Term: swab (n)
Definition: 1) A mop. 2) A common sailor, or one who swabs the deck.

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