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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: stowage (n)
Definition: Gear, equipment or cargo that has been secured properly.

Term: stowaway (n)
Definition: A person who has come aboard and hidden himself to obtain free passage.

Term: strain (n)
Definition: Tautness of a line or cable.

Term: strait (n)
Definition: A narrow waterway between two land masses or headlands or islands.
See Also: narrows

Term: strakes (n pl)
Definition: Planks or planking.
See Also: planking

Term: strand (n)
Definition: 1) A beach. 2) A piece of fiber that has been woven into a rope.

Term: strand (v)
Definition: 1) To run aground. 2) To make a rope by twisting strands of fiber.
See Also: run aground

Term: stranded (v)
Definition: Isolated ashore with no way of leaving.

Term: strandline (n)
Definition: The shoreline at the top of the beach.

Term: strike (v)
Definition: To smartly haul down sails or lower flags.(Thanks to Joseph Balderson)
See Also: struck, haul down, salute

Term: stringers (n pl)
Definition: Longitudinal light timbers which are let into the inside of the frames to make them more rigid and keep them correctly aligned.

Term: strip planking (n)
Definition: Wooden boat planking made from narrow strips commonly fastened with epoxy and edgenailed.
See Also: planking

Term: strobelight (n)
Definition: An emergency light that emits high intensity quick flashing beams to attract attention

Term: strong gale (n)
Definition: Heavy winds having a speed of 47 to 54 miles per hour.
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: strongback (n)
Definition: A sturdy supporting frame constructed on a workshop floor over which a small boat may be built inverted.
See Also: mold

Term: struck (v)
Definition: 1. Documentation of a ship removed from a nation's registry of commissioned vessels. 2. Hauled down sails or lowered flags.
See Also: strike, salute, dip, documentation

Term: strut (n)
Definition: A metal structure mounted outboard under the stern to provide additional support for the propeller shaft.

Term: studding sails, stun'sls (n)
Definition: Light sails mounted outboard of the standard sails of a square rigger for use in running fast with a steady breeze.

Term: stuffing (n)
Definition: A loosely woven waxed rope that is pressed into the shaft joint to make a seal against seawater.

Term: stuffing box (n)
Definition: A through-hull fitting through which the rudderpost or the propeller shaft rotates, so constructed with pipe joints and greased rope to allow free movement yet keep seawater out.

Term: sub (n)
Definition: Shortened reference to a submarine.
See Also: submarine

Term: subchaser (n)
Definition: Submarine chaser. A destroyer equipped with detection devices to find submarines and attack them with depth charges and guns.

Term: submarine (n)
Definition: A vessel designed to operate underwater, either for military stealth or for research. A military submarine, no matter how large, is always called a boat.
See Also: U boat, submersible

Term: submerge (v)
Definition: To take on ballast allowing a submarine to operate below the surface of the water.

Term: submerged (adj)
Definition: Describing submarine operations beneath the surface of the water.

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