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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: salvage (v)
Definition: 1) To rescue from shipwreck, or to retrieve cargo from a wrecked ship. 2) To take possesion and ownership of a ship that has been wrecked or abandoned for the purpose of selling it for its remaining value.

Term: salvo (n)
Definition: The firing all or many of the ship’s guns at the same time.

Term: sampan (n)
Definition: A small flat-bottomed Chinese skiff propelled by oars or a scull. A small version of the typical junk.
See Also: junk

Term: samson post (n)
Definition: A very stout bitt formed of a timber mounted through the deck to the keel.
See Also: king post, bitt, cleat

Term: sand (n)
Definition: Small particles of coral, shell, and rock that have been broken down by wave action and fish, and which settles to the ocean floor and are washed up to form beaches.

Term: sandbank (n)
Definition: A bar of sand built up by the movement of the current and tides.
See Also: bar

Term: sandbar (n)
Definition: A ridge of sand built up by the movement of onshore currents, sometimes blocking harbour entrances.
See Also: bar

Term: sandy (adj)
Definition: Identifying a bottom composed of sand.

Term: sank (v)
Definition: Filled with water and descended to the bottom. Past tense of sink.

Term: sargasso sea (n)
Definition: An eddy of the general ocean circulation in the tropical North Atlantic where floating sargassum plants tend to concentrate.
See Also: sargassum

Term: sargassum (n)
Definition: A large ocean branching algae that breaks free from the bottom and floats on air bladders.
See Also: sargasso sea, gulfweed

Term: SATNAV (n)
Definition: SATellite NAVigation system, referring to electronic equipment that determines an accurate position by interacting with several orbiting satellites.
See Also: GPS

Term: sawn frame (n)
Definition: A frame that has been cut with a saw to the correct shape. Sawn frames tend to be rigid and are more likely to split or crack than steam bent frames.
See Also: bent frame, steam bent

Term: scale (n)
Definition: The relationship between measurements on a chart and actual measurements

Term: scan (n)
Definition: A single radar return displayed on the CRT.

Term: scan (v)
Definition: To observe by checking all the points in a horizontal sector, as in: “When you scan for traffic pay special attention to starboard.”

Term: scandalize (v)
Definition: To ease the gaff peak halyard so that the gaff hangs down and spills the wind out of the sail.

Term: scantlings (n)
Definition: In a boat plan, the list of all the necessary construction materials, dimensions, hardware and fittings complete with specifications, quantities and sizes.

Term: scarf (n)
Definition: Spelling variation of scarph, a beveled end joint between two planks.
See Also: scarph

Term: scarph (n)
Definition: A joint formed by connecting opposing bevels so that the members overlap forming a much stronger joint. A scarf joint.

Term: scarph (v)
Definition: To join two pieces of wood together with matching bevels so that the members overlap forming a much stronger joint.

Term: scatter (n)
Definition: A false return on a radar screen, caused by close proximity to the antenna, rain or temperature inversion
See Also: ground scatter

Term: schooner (n)
Definition: A sailing ship carrying two or more masts bearing fore and aft sails, with the mizzen forward of the mainmast.
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Term: schooner weather (n)
Definition: High winds that are too strong for many sailboats to operate safely, but just right to drive the heavier coastal schooners.

Term: scope (n)
Definition: 1) The ratio between the length of the anchor rode and the distance from the chocks to the bottom. 2) The cathode ray tube display of a radar system.

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