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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: stockless anchor (n)
Definition: A heavy ship’s anchor with large flukes and no stock or crossbar, which enables the shaft to be drawn into a hawsepipe when secured.
See Also: navy anchor

Term: stocks (n pl)
Definition: The rigid structure upon which a wooden boat is supported during construction

Term: stoke (v)
Definition: To add coal or wood to the boiler fire

Term: stokehold (n)
Definition: The space reserved for the boilers and fuel in a steamship.

Term: stoker (n)
Definition: A crewmember on a steamship employed to feed the fire in the boiler.

Term: stonehorse (n)
Definition: A unique sailboat design featuring a substantial raised forward deck, providing comfortable headroom below.

Term: stop (v)
Definition: To build using care at seams to keep water from entering the boat.

Term: stopcock (n)
Definition: A mechanism that can turn off the flow of water through a pipe.

Term: stopper knot (n)
Definition: A hitch turned on the bitter end of a rope so that it will not pass through a block, grommet or fairlead.

Term: stopwaters (n)
Definition: Soft wood dowels driven into holes drilled in the joints and scarfs of a wooden boat’s keel and deadwood, positioned so that they pass completely through the timbers just between the outer rabbet line and the bearding line.

Term: store ship (n)
Definition: A vessel that carries supplies for use by other ships.
See Also: bumboat

Term: store, stores (n)
Definition: Supplies stocked on board for use as needed during a voyage.
See Also: ship's stores, sea stores

Term: storm (n)
Definition: A major violent weather event causing high winds, heavy seas, rain or snow.
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: storm anchor (n)
Definition: A heavier anchor let down in heavy weather to afford better holding power.

Term: storm jib (n)
Definition: A small tough triangular foresail which is bent on only in heavy winds.
See Also: jib

Term: storm jib (n)
Definition: A small, tough triangular foresail which is bent on only in heavy winds.
See Also: jib

Term: storm sails (n)
Definition: Jibs and trysails or staysails cut smaller and made of extra heavy materials that can withstand the extra forces of high winds.
See Also: trysail, storm trysail

Term: storm trysail (n)
Definition: A small, stout triangular sail mounted low in the rigging to offer some staility and control during high winds.
See Also: trysail, storm sails

Term: stormboat (n)
Definition: A military craft used to carry attack troops across rivers.

Term: stormbound (adj)
Definition: Delayed from continuing because of foul weather.

Term: stormy (adj)
Definition: Describing foul weather.

Term: stove in (v)
Definition: Crushed in, as a hull that has hit a rock.

Term: stow (v)
Definition: 1) To put away securely. 2) An admonition to stop a behaviour, as in: “That’s enough, sailor! Now stow it!”
See Also: belay
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/01/stow-it.html

Term: stow away (v)
Definition: To hide on board for a voyage in order to obtain free passage.

Term: stowage (n)
Definition: Gear, equipment or cargo that has been secured properly.

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