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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: steeve (v)
Definition: 1) To stow in a ship’s hold. 2) To rake a bowsprit upward.

Term: steeve (n)
Definition: The angle of the bowsprit to the keel.

Term: stem (v)
Definition: 1) To stop the flow of water. 2) To sail successfully against a foul current or wind.

Term: stem (n)
Definition: The bow of a ship, referring to the timber between the forward end of the keel and the deck.

Term: stem bands (n)
Definition: Metal plates fastened over the cutwater to protect the stem from damage caused by ice or flotsam.

Term: stem post (n)
Definition: The main foremost timber of a wooden boat fastened to the end of the keel and extending to the deck or even above deck.

Term: stem to stern (adv)
Definition: Thoroughly, or completely, as in: “I want this deck scrubbed from stem to stern”

Term: step (n)
Definition: 1) A substantial mounting platform on which the base of the mast is seated. 2) A chine in modern racing powerboats.
See Also: mast step

Term: step (v)
Definition: To mount the mast in the ship; as in: “We used the shipyard crane to step the mast.”

Term: stern (n)
Definition: The aftermost part of the hull of a ship, referring to the feature between the after end of the keel and the deck.

Term: stern drive (n)
Definition: A transmission, shaft and propeller unit mounted outboard on the stern of the vessel.
See Also: outdrive, Z-drive

Term: stern line (n)
Definition: A rope used in docking, specifically made up to lead from the stern aft to the dock.

Term: stern sheets (n)
Definition: The inboard part of an open boat aft of the thwarts. In practice, this is the part of the boat often used for storage of gear.
See Also: foresheet

Term: stern wheeler (n)
Definition: A vessel propelled by a paddlewheel mounted at the stern
See Also: paddlewheeler

Term: sternpost (n)
Definition: A heavy vertical structure supporting the transom or after planking of a ship.

Term: sternpost (n)
Definition: A heavy vertical structure supporting the transom or after planking of a wooden ship, fastened to the after end of the keel and forming the shape of the stern

Term: sternward, sternwards (adv)
Definition: Toward the stern, or in the direction astern
See Also: astern

Term: sternway (n)
Definition: Movement astern
See Also: headway

Term: stevedore (n)
Definition: A person hired to load and unload cargo.
See Also: longshoreman

Term: stevedore (v)
Definition: To load or unload ships.

Term: stevedore knot (n)
Definition: A hitch used to attach a hoist to a cargo net, which then can be quickly released.

Term: steward (n)
Definition: 1) A crew member employed to look after the needs of the passengers. 2) On a navy ship, the crew member who plans meals and serves at the officer’s mess.

Term: stick (n)
Definition: The mast or spar of a sailing vessel (jargon), as in: "This spring I plan to haul her out and varnish the sticks."
See Also: mast

Term: stiff (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing the force of a strong wind, as in: "The boat was heeling sharply in a stiff breeze." 2) Describing a sailing vessel that heels little, and returns upright quickly.

Term: stinkpot (n)
Definition: A derogatory term for a power boat, referring to exhaust smoke and fumes.

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