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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: spring (v)
Definition: 1) To ease the ship forward or aft against the spring line, which tends to move the ship against the dock 2) To suddenly begin, as in “spring a leak.”
See Also: warp

Term: spring tide (n)
Definition: A tide that reaches unusual highs and lows on the days of the full moon and new moon

Term: springline (n)
Definition: A long dockline which is run from the bow aft to the dock, or from the stern forward to the dock.
See Also: dockline, warp

Term: sprit (n)
Definition: A spar carried an angle across the mast on which the sail is bent.
See Also: spritsail, sprit rig, snotter

Term: sprit rig (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel driven by a sprits’l.
See Also: lateen rig, sprits'l
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Term: spritsail, sprits'l (n)
Definition: A four sided sail used on some small boats peaked on a slanted spar suspended from the mast on a becket.
See Also: sprit, sprit rig, snotter

Term: spume (n)
Definition: Foam floating on the water, caused by storm agitation or turbine action.
See Also: spindrift

Term: spy glass (n)
Definition: A monocular optical scope for viewing distant objects.
See Also: telescope

Term: squadron (n)
Definition: Naval designation for a group of ships of two divisions or more.

Term: squall (n)
Definition: A sudden a violent fast-moving storm associated with a cold front. Often encountered in the Spring, these storms can move at over 80 kilometres per hour and may catch sailors unaware.

Term: squall line (n)
Definition: A fast moving cold front carrying heavy sudden winds and rain showers. The squall line often develops during the spring transitions and may carry a characteristic “roll cloud” at the front.

Term: squamish (n)
Definition: 1) Williwaw. 2) The term used to describe the arctic outflow winds of northern British Columbia.
See Also: williwaw

Term: square rig, square rigger (n)
Definition: A sailing ship having four sided sails suspended at the middle on yards. Most of the tall ships are square rigs.

Term: square rigged (adj)
Definition: Having four sided sails suspended at the middle from yards.

Term: squaresail, square sail (n)
Definition: A four sided sail used for driving a ship downwind or on a reach. A squaresail is suspended from a yard which is hoisted by the center on the mast.
See Also: gaff rig

Term: squat (v)
Definition: To settle deeper in the stern when power is applied.

Term: squid (n)
Definition: A mildly derogatory military slang word for a member of the US Navy.
See Also: sailor, gob, swab

Term: stability (n)
Definition: The relative tendancy of a ship to remain upright in the face of wind and waves.

Term: stabilize (v)
Definition: To make changes to a vessel that improve its stability, such as adding or repositioning ballast.
See Also: stability, stabilizer

Term: stabilizer (n)
Definition: 1) A wing protruding from the underwater hull, or a vane towed at the end of a cable to reduce the motion of the vessel. 2) A gyroscope employed to counteract the extreme motions of a ship operating in heavy seas.

Term: stack (n)
Definition: A collection of pipes carrying exhaust gasses from the engine compartment, often hidden in a decorative cowling.
See Also: smokestack
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Term: staff (n)
Definition: Flagstaff.

Term: stagger (v)
Definition: To roll in extreme seas. To exhibit unusually heavy action

Term: stainless steel (n)
Definition: A steel alloy that resists corrosion

Term: stanch (v)
Definition: To stop the flow of water into a vessel.
See Also: staunch

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