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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: speak (v)
Definition: To maneuver near enough to another ship at sea in order to exchange greetings and news.
See Also: gam, gamming

Term: speaking tube (n)
Definition: A pipe used for communicating by voice between the engine room and bridge, or other parts of the ship.
See Also: telegraph

Term: speed (n)
Definition: The rate of motion of a vessel over the water or over the bottom.

Term: speed curve (n)
Definition: A plotted scale showing the relationship between engine speed or shaft rotatation in revolutions per minute and the speed of the boat through the water.

Term: speedboat (n)
Definition: A light powerful motor launch capable of high speeds.

Term: spike (n)
Definition: A pointed metal shaft used for opening the lay of a twisted rope for splicing.
See Also: marlinspike

Term: spiling (n)
Definition: The technique of transferring the lines for a joint to a timber or plank using a scribe or compass

Term: spill (n)
Definition: Oily waste unintentionally contaminating the water.

Term: spill (v)
Definition: To ease the sheet so that the sail does not fill completely.

Term: spindrift (n)
Definition: Spray blowing off the top of breaking waves.

Term: spinnaker (n)
Definition: A large very lightweight downwind racing sail.
See Also: chute, parachute, genoa, gennaker

Term: spinnaker pole (n)
Definition: A spar clipped on to the clew of a spinnaker to set on the weather side of the mast during a downwind leg.

Term: spit (n)
Definition: A point of sand that extends into the sea from a beach.

Term: splice (n)
Definition: A joint in a line made by weaving the ends into the bight.
See Also: long splice, short splice, eyesplice

Term: splice (v)
Definition: To join the ends of two lines, or make a loop, by weaving the untwisted lays into the bight.
See Also: long splice, short splice, eyesplice

Term: splice the main brace (v)
Definition: A nonsense term used in a humorous way meaning to take a drink of liquor.

Term: splicing (n)
Definition: 1) The act of joining parts of a rope together by intertwining the lays. 2) The result of joining ropes together by intertwining the lays.

Term: split rig (n)
Definition: A sailplan based on two or more masts, which enable the operator to set just foresails and mizzen for heavy winds.
See Also: ketch, yawl
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Term: spoke (n)
Definition: One of the radiating bars that support the steering wheel.

Term: sponson (n)
Definition: 1) A protrusion outside the hull of a ship. 2) A buoyancy chamber outside the hull of a canoe or seaplane.
See Also: outrigger

Term: sport fisherman (n)
Definition: 1) A hobby angler. 2) An offshore charter fishing boat specially equipped to troll for large game fish.

Term: spotlight (n)
Definition: An intense light with a focused beam, often mounted above the wheelhouse to aid in navigating a marked seaway. A searchlight.

Term: spray (n)
Definition: Water blown off the seas by wind or the action of the moving hull.

Term: spray rail (n)
Definition: A shaped board mounted outboard forward above the waterline of fast boats to deflect the bow wave downward and reduce spray.

Term: spreaders (n)
Definition: 1) Spars mounted on the side of the mast over which the shrouds pass. Spreaders widen the angle of the shrouds at the top, making them more effective. 2) Sprit (Newfoundland).
See Also: crosstrees, sprit

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