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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: single hander (n)
Definition: A person who customarilly sails without the help of a crew.
See Also: solo

Term: single up (v)
Definition: To remove one of each pair of docklines in preparation for getting under way; as in: “Single up the lines fore and aft!”

Term: sink (v)
Definition: To fill with water, lose buoyancy and descend to the bottom.

Term: sinnet (n)
Definition: A decoratively knotted lanyard.

Term: siren (n)
Definition: 1) A device that produces a loud wailing noise to warn of an obstruction 2) A mythical sea creature in the form of a woman whose song lures sailors to their death on the rocks.

Term: sister (n)
Definition: A frame added adjacent to a broken frame to restore strength to the hull. Sister frames are fastened to the planks.

Term: sister (v)
Definition: To build and install a frame next to one that is broken in order to restore strength to the hull.

Term: sit (v)
Definition: To blow continuously from one direction, as in: “The wind sits in the northeast for three days.”

Term: skeg (n)
Definition: A small fin fitted aft of the keel to protect the rudder and propeller, and improve steering and tracking.

Term: skerry (n)
Definition: A reef or rocky obstruction

Term: skid (n)
Definition: A fender suspended against the hull to protect it from chafing while loading or unloading cargo or fishing gear.
See Also: blackstrake, fender

Term: skiff (n)
Definition: A small light sailing or motorboat.

Term: skin (n)
Definition: Outside sheathing applied to the hull of a boat.

Term: skipjack (n)
Definition: 1) Chesapeake Bay commercial sailing oyster draggers, featuring a shallow draft V hull, broad beam, and a radically raked mast stepped at the bow. The design has also been used for pleasure craft and motor vessels. 2) Any of the smaller members of the tuna family of pelagic fish, often referred to as bonito.
See Also: leg o' mutton, bugeye, dragger, pelagic

Term: skipper (n)
Definition: Master of a ship (familiar).
See Also: master, captain

Term: skipper (v)
Definition: To command a ship or boat.

Term: skylight (n)
Definition: A large port mounted through the cabin top to admit light and air. (In practice, skylights always leak.)
See Also: decklight, deadlight
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Term: slack (adj)
Definition: 1) Hanging loosely, as a line that is not pulling or lifting. 2) A boat's shape that offers roundness in the bilges.
See Also: fine, taut

Term: slack tide (n)
Definition: The period when the tidal current stops flowing in one direction, and before the flow recommences in the other direction. “The only safe way to run that cut is at slack tide.”
See Also: stand tide

Term: slave (n)
Definition: Operating controls remote from the helm which duplicate the functions of the main controls.

Term: slick (n)
Definition: An enormous chisel used by the shipwright to shape and smooth large timbers.

Term: slide, slides (n)
Definition: 1) A rowing seat mounted on rails allowing it to slide forward and aft permitting a more powerful stroke. 2) Fittings that are arranged in a slot in the mast to which the sail is bent.
See Also: sliding seat,

Term: sliding seat (n)
Definition: A rowing seat mounted on rails allowing it to slide forward and aft permitting a more powerful stroke.
See Also: slide

Term: sling (n)
Definition: 1) A cargo net. 2) The yoke used to hoist and lower a lifeboat. 3) A wire for supporting a yard.

Term: slip (n)
Definition: 1) A docking area between two piers. 2) A ramp leading ashore from the water where boats may be repaired.
See Also: slipway

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