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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: short boards (n)
Definition: Frequent tacks.

Term: short splice (n)
Definition: A joint in a line where the splice is made by weaving the ends through about five lays of the other line.
See Also: splice, long splice

Term: shorten sail (v)
Definition: To reef a sail for heavy winds, as in “The wind is rising; we should shorten sail.”
See Also: reef

Term: shoulders (n)
Definition: Beaminess in the hull just aft of the bow affording reserve buoyancy forward and increased inboard capacity.

Term: shove off (v)
Definition: To leave, especially to push a boat away from a dock or beach in order to get underway.

Term: show the colors (v)
Definition: To display the flag of the home nation on a ship.
See Also: colors, false colors, true colors

Term: showboat (n)
Definition: A riverboat that carried performers for the entertainment of passengers and at ports along the waterway.
See Also: riverboat

Term: shrimper (n)
Definition: A boat that is specially equipped to fish for shrimp.

Term: shroud, shrouds (n)
Definition: A permanently installed line or cable that leads from the masthead to chainplates on the hull amidship and which can be made taut to support the mast.

Term: shunt, shunting (v)
Definition: Tacking by moving the entire sail, along with the boom, mast or lofting spar and rudder, to the opposite end of the boat. This is a tacking technique of the Samoans and other seafarers of the South Pacific in ancient times.
See Also: jibe, wear ship, tack, prao

Term: shutter (n)
Definition: The last strake fastened to the frames during the planking of a boat. Typically planking is begun at the garboard working upward, and at the sheer working downward. The shutter strake is usually somewhere around the bilges.
See Also: plank

Term: sickbay (n)
Definition: A large compartment on board ship equipped to provide medical care.
See Also: bay

Term: sidelights (n)
Definition: Colored running lights displayed near the bow of a vessel operating at night. The starboard sidelight is green indicating that the ship is prepared to give way to vessels in that direction The port sidelight is red indicating that a vessel approaching from that direction should give way. Each sidelight should be visible on its side from dead ahead to two points abaft the beam.
See Also: running lights

Term: sidewheeler (n)
Definition: A vessel propelled by paddle wheels mounted on both sides.
See Also: paddlewheeler, sternwheeler

Term: sierra (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "s".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: sight (n)
Definition: A measurement using a sextant to determine the angle of a celestial body above the horizon, as in “It’s almost time to take the noon sight.”

Term: sign on (v)
Definition: To place a signature on a document committing to work on board ship for a voyage.

Term: signal (n)
Definition: A message. A communication by radio or other means conveying an operations message, often a notice or warning, to another ship or to shore.

Term: signal (v)
Definition: To send an operations message, usually a notice or warning, to another ship or to shore.

Term: signal flag (n)
Definition: A piece of material with shape, design and color representing standard phrases, letters and numbers, and used for signalling by displaying on a halyard.
Blog Link: http://www.marinewaypoints.com/learn/flags/flags.shtml

Term: signal mast (n)
Definition: A small mast used only for hoisting signal flags on small boats.

Term: signalman (n)
Definition: A naval seaman specially trained in codes, signal flags and semaphore lights, who transmits operations signals to other ships or to shore.

Term: sill (n)
Definition: A shallow waterway connecting two deeper bodies of water.

Term: silver plater (n)
Definition: A very expensive yacht with ostentatious equipment and fittings.
See Also: gold plater

Term: single handed (v)
Definition: Sailed with only one person on board to perform all the tasks.
See Also: solo

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