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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: safety line (n)
Definition: A temporary taut line or webbing strap stretching the length of the deck or cabin top to which a seaman may attach his safety harness tether.
See Also: jack line

Term: sag (n)
Definition: A droop in the middle of a ship because it is water logged and losing integrity.
See Also: hog

Term: sag (v)
Definition: To droop in the middle, as a ship that is rotten and losing integrity. To droop in the middle because the vessel is inadequately supported amidships when hauled or careened.
See Also: hog

Term: sail (n)
Definition: 1) Fabric designed and shaped to catch the wind and used to propel a vessel. 2) A passage on a sailing vessel; as in: “What a fine day for a sail!” 3) The tall superstructure of a submarine.

Term: sail (v)
Definition: 1) To propel a boat over the water using sails. 2) To get underway; as in “The ship will be ready to sail at dawn” 3) To travel on a ship.

Term: sail area (n)
Definition: The total square footage of all the sails in a working sail plan.

Term: sail loft (n)
Definition: An interior space large enough to lay out sails full length on the floor for shaping and sewing. A place where sails are made.

Term: sail needle (n)
Definition: A sharp pointed metal shaft with an eye for thread used to make sails and repair sailcloth. Unlike a tailor’s needle, a sail needle is more stout and usually formed with a three sided shaft.

Term: sail plan (n)
Definition: The design drawings showing the spars, sails and rigging, along with all the dimensions, shapes and areas. This drawing also shows the outboard profile of the boat, essentially as it will look when construction is completed

Term: sailboard (n)
Definition: A vessel like a surfboard with a simple mast and lateen sail.
See Also: surfboard, lateen

Term: sailboat (n)
Definition: A small vessel powered by sails.

Term: sailcloth (n)
Definition: Material used in making sails. In early ships the material was a heavy cotton, canvas or hemp. Modern sailboats usually use Dacron
See Also: canvas

Term: sailer (n)
Definition: A sailboat.

Term: sailing (n)
Definition: 1) Operating a sailboat. 2) Making a trip on a sailboat, as in: “He’s gone sailing.” 3) A navigation method used to determine course directions.

Term: sailing directions (n)
Definition: 1) An archaic book detailing specific common downwind courses and trade routes, winds and weather for trans oceanic passages by square-sailed vessels. 2) The terms describing the relative angle of the vessel to the wind: close reach, reach, broad reach, run.
See Also: mariner's almanac, reach, run

Term: sailor (n)
Definition: A crewmember, a mariner.
See Also: tar, seaman

Term: sailtrim (n)
Definition: The state of the sails in relation to the apparent wind.
See Also: trim, telltale

Term: Saint Elmo's fire (n)
Definition: A luminous discharge of electricity that occasionally can be seen in the rigging of a ship during foul weather.

Term: saloon (n)
Definition: A large compartment for entertaining guests on a cruise ship.

Term: salt (n)
Definition: An experienced full time sailor; as in: “He’s an old salt.”

Term: salt water (adj)
Definition: Describing ocean areas as contrasted with inland waters.

Term: salty (adj)
Definition: Characterizing language as having a nautical meaning or context, or speech that is suggestive and naughty. “He was using salty language.”

Term: salute (n)
Definition: 1) The report of a ship’s gun fired as an honour or in greeting. 2) The honoring of an officer by dipping the flag.

Term: salute (v)
Definition: To perform an act that demonstrates respect and honor.

Term: salvage (n)
Definition: 1) The money earned by rescuing people and cargo from a shipwreck. 2) The activity of saving people and cargo from a shipwreck. 3) A ship that has been wrecked or neglected but still has some value in parts or metals.

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