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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: rummage (n)
Definition: The orderly arrangement of cargo in the hold of a ship (16th C), fr OF "arrimage". (Damaged cargo was sometimes sold cheap at dockside, leading to the modern usage of the term, as in "rummage sale".

Term: rumrunner (n)
Definition: 1) A very fast speedboat that was used to transport untaxed spirits across international borders.2) Any vessel used to carry liquor into the United States during the days of prohibition.
See Also: bottle fishing

Term: run (n)
Definition: The after part of the bottom shape of a hull, generally just aft of amidships to the stern The concept suggests that at this point the passing vessel is no longer exerting as great a force outward or downward on the water, which is therefore allowed to run or flow by.
See Also: entry

Term: run (v)
Definition: 1) To pass a line freely through a block or fairlead. 2) To sail downwind.
See Also: reach

Term: run afoul (v)
Definition: To ground or become entangled, as in: “The ship was damaged badly when she ran afoul of Brandy Rock.”
See Also: run aground

Term: run aground (v)
Definition: To operate a vessel carelessly so that it becomes fouled in the bottom.
See Also: ground, run afoul

Term: runabout (n)
Definition: A small open motorboat.

Term: running (v)
Definition: Sailing with the wind astern

Term: running backstays (n)
Definition: Cables supporting the mast which can be slackened on the lee side to allow for the swing of the boom, and made taut again as the vessel tacks.

Term: running block (n)
Definition: That part of a block and tackle system attached to the object that is to be hoisted or moved.
See Also: fall block, fall

Term: running boards (n)
Definition: Blackened boards fastened either side of the vessel on which running lights are mounted. The purpose of the boards is to make the running lights distinctly visible, and to direct them properly so that they show from dead ahead to two points abaft the beam.
See Also: running lights
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Term: running free (n)
Definition: Sailing before the wind.
See Also: running, run

Term: running lights (n)
Definition: All of the proper lights required by the rules of the road for a particular vessel at night.
See Also: navigational lights

Term: running rigging (n)
Definition: Any of the wires and lines of a sailing craft that are adjusted while underway, such as running backstays, halyards and sheets.
See Also: standing rigging

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