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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: rope locker (n)
Definition: A forward compartment below deck where the anchor rode and other spare rope is stowed.

Term: ropewalk, rope walk (n)
Definition: An elongated factory floor extending as much as 1000 feet or more in which sisal, hemp and other fibers were twisted and laid up into rope.

Term: RORO (adj)
Definition: Acronym: Roll On - Roll Off, which describes the loading function of a ship that specializes in carrying a cargo of wheeled vehicles. The ship is designed with ramps so that the cargo can be driven on board and completely loaded without the use of cranes.

Term: rose (n)
Definition: 1) The circular design on the card mounted under a compass magnet illustrating the points of sailing or the 360 degree gradations of a circle. 2) The compass card design on a chart indicating True and Magnetic North at that location
See Also: compass rose

Term: rostrum (n)
Definition: The rounded rail at the bow of a ship. Pulpit. The pointed bow figure of a war galley.

Term: rotor ship (n)
Definition: A ship driven by vertical tubular windmills.

Term: rough (adj)
Definition: Describing heavy seas which cause uncomfortable boat action

Term: round (v)
Definition: To sail a turning course that gives a wide berth to a headland.

Term: round bottom (adj)
Definition: Describing a hull design employed by sailing craft, racing yachts, small auxiliary cruisers, where the first midsection has the shape of the letter U, the forward sections are V shaped, and the aft sections have a wineglass shape.

Term: round up (v)
Definition: To turn a sailboat toward the wind in order to stop.
See Also: heave to

Term: roundhouse (n)
Definition: A compartment on the quarterdeck with a rounded bulkhead aft, following the shape of the transom.

Term: roving (n)
Definition: Small line made of loosely twisted fibers, and used for casual wrappings.
See Also: small stuff

Term: row (v)
Definition: To propel a small boat with oars.
See Also: paddle

Term: rowboat (n)
Definition: A small open boat propelled by oars or a scull.

Term: rowing (n)
Definition: The sport of racing competitions between rowboats.

Term: rowlocks (n)
Definition: Pairs of cast metal sleeves and supporting plates let into the gunwale into which the shafts of the oarlocks are set for rowing.
See Also: oarlocks, thole pins

Term: royal (n)
Definition: A small squaresail hoisted above the topgallant.

Term: rubrail (n)
Definition: A sacrificial board or fender attached along the hull at the widest point to protect against damage at the dock.
See Also: rubstrake, fender

Term: rubstrake (n)
Definition: A heavy sacrificial plank fastened to the outside of the hull where it might chafe against pilings.
See Also: rubrail

Term: rudder (n)
Definition: A submerged plane mounted astern for steering a vessel.

Term: rudder brace (n)
Definition: The system of aligned gudgeons and pintles which form a pivot for the rudder.

Term: rudder post (n)
Definition: The shaft of a rudder at its turning axis which runs through the hull at a stuffing box to an inboard steering mechanism.

Term: rudder stock (n)
Definition: The central shaft around which the rudder turns. The shaft of the rudder to which the tiller or steering mechanism is attached.

Term: rules of the road (n)
Definition: A common term used to describe any of the international and local rules that are followed by all competent seamen to avoid collisions.

Term: rum (n)
Definition: An alcoholic drink made from sugar cane, once considered a part of a seaman’s daily ration On board ship, the rum was diluted with water, and often mixed with sugar and lime juice.

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