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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: right of way (n)
Definition: The circumstance when one vessel may proceed unhindered by the passage of another vessel that must change course to avoid a collision. (obsolete)
See Also: give way, stand on

Term: rime ice (n)
Definition: Salt spray that freezes in a feathery crust on the weather side of a ship’s deckhouse and rigging.
See Also: brume, ice fog

Term: ring bolt (n)
Definition: A threaded metal shaft with a ring fitted in the end.
See Also: eyebolt

Term: rip (n)
Definition: Short steep sided waves caused by the convergence of currents.
See Also: standing wave

Term: rip rap, riprap (n)
Definition: Rocks and boulders piled randomly as a breakwater or to reduce erosion.

Term: ripple (n)
Definition: Very small wind driven waves.

Term: riptide, rip tide (n)
Definition: A fast moving current caused when the tide is rising or falling in a narrow waterway.
See Also: tidal bore

Term: river (n)
Definition: A watercourse draining in a large stream from a watershed to the ocean

Term: riverboat (n)
Definition: Usually a steamboat or paddle wheeler that carries cargo and passengers on the Mississippi River.

Term: roach (n)
Definition: An arc of sail material added to the shape of the leech of the sail. Supported by battens, this extra sail area adds power to the sail.
See Also: leech

Term: roads (n)
Definition: A body of water less sheltered than a harbour, where ships can find good anchorage while waiting outside the entrance. (Thanks to Capt. M. E. Hubbard)
See Also: roadstead, anchorage

Term: roadstead (n)
Definition: A sea anchorage outside a harbour.
See Also: roads, anchorage

Term: rock (v)
Definition: To change the balance of the boat rhythmically so that the boat tips to one side and then the other. “Don’t rock the boat.”

Term: rock bound (adj)
Definition: Describing an ocean shore that has no beach but is fronted by stone cliffs and faces.

Term: rode (n)
Definition: The line or chain that reaches from a ship to its anchor.

Term: roger (interjection)
Definition: A confirmation used on the radio to assure the sender that his message has been received and understood.

Term: rogue wave (n)
Definition: A sea wave of enormous proportions, and sometimes travelling in a direction at an angle to the prevailing seas. There are hundreds of stories about these gigantic seas smashing and capsizing small boats at sea.
See Also: freak wave, tsunami, tidal wave

Term: roll (n)
Definition: The rotation of a vessel around the fore and aft axis.
See Also: pitch

Term: roller furling (adj)
Definition: Describing a sail management system that rolls the foresail on a rotating stay for reducing sail or dousing.
See Also: furl, furler

Term: roller reefing (n)
Definition: Describing a sail management system that rolls the mainsail on a rotating boom for reducing sail or dousing.

Term: rolling rule (n)
Definition: A navigation instrument used to advance a line to a parallel position on a chart, used by navigators to draw courses and bearings in relation to a compass rose printed on the chart.
See Also: parallel rule

Term: romeo (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "r".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: roof (n)
Definition: The top of a deck structure such as a trunk cabin

Term: rooster tail (n)
Definition: The almost vertical spray of water turned up at the stern of some speedboats.

Term: rope (n)
Definition: An arrangement of tightly twisted fibers forming a line. On board ship, there are only a few items that are commonly referred to as ropes, such as boltrope, bellrope, footrope. All the rest are lines because each has a specific purpose, but all the lines are made from rope.
See Also: cordage, lines

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