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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: red lead (n)
Definition: A lead oxide coating or paint pigment with a cinnamon brown or reddish color. Minium.

Term: red line (n)
Definition: The maximum safe reading of a guage, usually indicated with a red marking.

Term: red tide (n)
Definition: A sudden prodigious reproduction of phytoplankton in seawater that makes the ocean opaque and reflects a brown or red color. Such “blooms” are filtered by shellfish rendering their meat poisonous.

Term: reduction gear (n)
Definition: A gear in the transmission that reduces the rate of turning of the engine to a lower rate for the propeller. Such reduction can allow for a larger propeller with greater thrust and towing capability.

Term: reef (n)
Definition: 1) The shortening of a sail in heavy winds by securing the lower portion at its reef points thereby reducing the power of the sail. 2) The part of a sail that is folded under when it is shortened. 3) An undersea coral structure in shallow near shore waters.
See Also: ledge, hazard

Term: reef bands (n)
Definition: Reinforcing material sewn into sails at the reef points.

Term: reef cringle (n)
Definition: A grommet or eye sewn into the leach and luff of the sail at the level of the reef points, for securing the tack and clew to the boom when reefing.

Term: reef earings (n)
Definition: Short lines suspended from cringles for fastening to the boom when reefing. Note: This term is correctly spelled for its shipboard meaning.
See Also: reef pendants

Term: reef knot (n)
Definition: A square knot. The knot used to reef a sail.

Term: reef pendants (n)
Definition: Short lines suspended from cringles for fastening to the boom when reefing. Sometimes called reef earings.
See Also: reef earings

Term: reef points, reefing points (n)
Definition: Short lines sewn into reinforced patches some distance up from the foot of the sail to be used to reduce the area of a sail in heavy weather.

Term: reef, reefing (v)
Definition: To shorten a sail in heavy winds by securing the lower portion at its reef points thereby reducing the power of the sail.

Term: reefer (n)
Definition: A refrigerator ship.

Term: reeve (v)
Definition: 1) To pass a line through a block or fairlead.
See Also: unreeve

Term: reeve (v)
Definition: To pass through, as a line passes through the sheave of a block.

Term: refasten (v)
Definition: To remove old screws or nails from the hull of a wooden vessel and replace them with new fastenings, a task required because of corrosion or electrolysis.
See Also: electrolysis, fastening

Term: refit (v)
Definition: To remove worn parts, equipment or machinery from a ship and rebuild or replace them with new ones. To repair.

Term: regatta (n)
Definition: An organized series of boat races.

Term: register (v)
Definition: To secure local permission to operate a vessel, and receive papers and a special number for the vessel. Contrast : document.

Term: registered tonnage (n)
Definition: Net tonnage. A legal measurement to describe the cargo carrying capability of a ship, determined as a relationship with the gross tonnage less spaces that cannot be used to carry cargo, such as fuel tanks, engine compartments, crew quarters, galley and others.

Term: registered vessel (n)
Definition: A boat or ship that has proper government documentation

Term: relative bearing (n)
Definition: The direction of an object expressed as an angle from the bow of the ship, as in: “The lighthouse is at a relative bearing of 45 degrees.”
See Also: bearing

Term: relative humidity (n)
Definition: The actual measurement of moisture in the air stated as a percentage of the total moisture the air could hold at the current temperature.

Term: relative velocity (n)
Definition: The wind speed after the motion of the boat has been added or subtracted.
See Also: velocity

Term: remote (n)
Definition: A steering station located away from the wheelhouse, such as on a flying bridge or at a hauling station

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