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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: ram schooner (n)
Definition: A type of cargo schooner built in the Chesapeake, especially designed to just fit into the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. These ships, built in the Nanticoke River yards, had a prodigious cargo hold, and were often three-masted. Victory Chimes is a classic example.
See Also: schooner

Term: ramp (n)
Definition: 1) A roadway sloping down into the water for launching boats. Launching ramp. 2) An apron for seaplanes.

Term: range (n)
Definition: 1) The maximum distance a motor vessel can travel before running out of fuel. 2) The maximum distance that the ship’s radio can reach a distant station 3) The calculated distance to another vessel or object. 4) A pair of landmarks or markers that a helmsman may use as a visual gauge to steer a correct course.
See Also: bearing

Term: range (v)
Definition: 1)To sail back and forth, or to sail freely over the water. 2) To coil and secure the anchor rode on deck. 3) To find the distance of a vessel or other object by electronic devices. 4) To sail a course determined by range markers.
See Also: range marker

Term: range markers (n)
Definition: Pairs of navigation markers which, when observed in line from shipboard, indicate a safe channel. Such markers may be daymarkers or lighted markers, with the most distant marker mounted higher. An incoming ship will maneuver until the two markers are aligned then follow that range to safe waters.
See Also: range

Term: rapids (n)
Definition: Turbulent river water caused by shallows, restrictions and steep descent.
See Also: white water

Term: rat guard (n)
Definition: A cone-shaped shield placed over dock lines to keep rats from climbing on board.

Term: ratchet (n)
Definition: A detent in a winch gear having a pawl that holds the drum and keeps it from turning backward when pressure is released.

Term: rate (n)
Definition: 1) A scale of six designations for British ships based on their size and armament. “First rate” was used to describe large triple deck ships with up to 120 guns. 2) A seaman’s station on board based on his knowledge and experience, ie ordinary seaman, able seaman, petty officer. 3) An enlisted man in the navy, often refered to as a “rating.”

Term: rating (n)
Definition: A British naval enlisted man

Term: rations (n)
Definition: The food allocation for crewmembers.

Term: ratlines (n)
Definition: Ropes lashed across the shrouds like steps that allow crew to easiliy climb into the rigging.

Term: raw water cooling (adj)
Definition: Referring to a type of system for drawing excess heat from the engine by using sea water passing through a heat exchanger.
See Also: heat exchanger, cooling system

Term: reach, reaching (v)
Definition: To sail off the wind. To sail with the wind just forward of the beam, on the beam or the quarter. All of the points of sailing except close hauled (beating) or running.
See Also: beam reach, beating, running

Term: reacher (n)
Definition: A style of jib that substantially overlaps the mainsail offering tremendous power when the wind is abaft the beam.
See Also: Genoa

Term: reaching jib (n)
Definition: A style of foresail that substantially overlaps the mainsail offering tremendous power when the wind is abaft the beam.
See Also: Genoa.

Term: read (v)
Definition: 1) To be able to understand a radio transmission “Sparks was not able to read Bermuda Coast Guard.” 2) To record a periodic observation of a meter or guage.

Term: reading (n)
Definition: The indication of status provided by an instrument. “I’m getting a high reading from the pressure guage.”

Term: readout (n)
Definition: Information displayed on gauges or dials conveying the operating condition of a piece of equipment, or the results of a computation; as in: “The computer readout showed we were right on course.”

Term: rear admiral (n)
Definition: A two star naval officer.

Term: receive (v)
Definition: To acquire a radio signal.

Term: receiver (n)
Definition: A radio device that can acquire radio signals and convert them into sounds, but cannot transmit.
See Also: radio, marine radio

Term: reciprocal (n)
Definition: A direction exactly opposite of a given course, differing by 180 degrees. “When there is a man overboard, try to sail the reciprocal to find him.”

Term: record (v)
Definition: To make a factual entry in a log book.
See Also: log

Term: recover (v)
Definition: To land aircraft safely aboard an aircraft carrier after a flight.

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