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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: rabbet (n)
Definition: A carefully shaped notch let into the side of the keel timber to accept the edge of the garboard strake of a wooden boat. The rabbet is continued up the bow timbers, and in the case of a double ender up the stern timbers also, to accept the ends of the strakes.
See Also: garboard, strake, keel

Term: rack (n)
Definition: A mass of high clouds being driven by the wind.

Term: rack (v)
Definition: To be driven at high speed over the water by a brisk wind.

Term: radar (n)
Definition: An ultra high frequency radio system including transmitter, rotating antenna and receiver that displays its own reflected signals on a cathode ray tube. (RAdio Detection And Ranging) Developed at the beginning of World War II for military use, radar is now common equipment on vessels operating in reduced visibility.

Term: radar beacon (n)
Definition: A device that senses an arriving radar signal and amplifies it to reflect a brighter target.

Term: radar reflector (n)
Definition: A device with flat metal surfaces facing in all directions that is hoisted in the rigging to reflect radar signals and produce a brighter target. Many boats, having curved surfaces, do not reflect a radar signal well making it hard to detect on a radar screen.

Term: radarscope (n)
Definition: The cathode ray tube that displays the sweep of the moving radar antenna and the blips or reflections of targets in the range.

Term: radio (n)
Definition: An electronic transmitter and receiver used for communication with other ships and with stations ashore.
See Also: marine radio

Term: radio (v)
Definition: To transmit a call to another ship or station ashore using the radio.

Term: radio compass (n)
Definition: A radio receiver having a directional antenna mounted on a compass card that can be used to take a bearing on charted commercial radio stations.
See Also: radio direction finder (RDF)

Term: radio direction finder (RDF) (n)
Definition: A radio receiver having a directional antenna mounted on a compass card that can be used to take a bearing on charted commercial radio stations. Radio compass.

Term: radiobeacon (n)
Definition: A radio station at a lighthouse or other aid to navigation that transmits a unique code signal so that navigators can take a bearing for determining position
See Also: light, lighthouse

Term: raft (v)
Definition: 1) To secure boats together side by side. 2) To sail down a river on a vessel with no means of propulsion

Term: raft (n)
Definition: 1) A floating platform with no means of propulsion. A float. 2) A collection of fallen logs being floated down river. 3) A large group of birds resting on the water.

Term: rafted, rafted up (n)
Definition: Two or more vessels secured to each other and sharing a single mooring or dockspace.

Term: rag boat (n)
Definition: Gently derogatory term for a sailboat.
See Also: stinkpot

Term: ragman (n)
Definition: A mariner who operates sailboats.

Term: rail (n)
Definition: A sturdy barricade at the outboard edge of the deck to provide security for passengers and crewmembers.

Term: rain squall (n)
Definition: A sudden a violent fast-moving rainstorm associated with a cold front.
See Also: squall, white squall

Term: raise (v)
Definition: 1) To see for the first time a landmark or aid to navigation in the distance. 2) To succeed in receiving a reply from a remote radio station “Sparks was able to raise Bermuda Coast Guard this morning.”

Term: rake (v)
Definition: To design or install at an angle. To tilt.

Term: rake, raked (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing the angle a mast makes with the deck; as in: “The raked masts on Chesapeake Bay skipjacks makes them look fast.” 2) Describing the angle of the stem to the waterline.
See Also: plumb

Term: rakish (adj)
Definition: Having masts set at an angle making the boat appear fast.

Term: ram (n)
Definition: A ship with a heavily fortified and pointed bow that was used to purposely drive into other ships to sink them.

Term: ram (v)
Definition: To drive a ship into another, or into an object. To crash.

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