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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: prow (n)
Definition: Stem. The bow of a ship.

Term: PT boat (n)
Definition: A variety of fast military torpedo and gunboat of the US Navy, employed during World War II and the Vietnam war. The vessels were heavily armed carrying four torpedo tubes, and three anti-aircraft guns, and were capable of speeds up to 40 knots.
See Also: mosquito boat, torpedo boat

Term: puff (n)
Definition: A light gust of wind.
See Also: zephyr

Term: pull (v)
Definition: To heave on oars.

Term: pulley (n)
Definition: The word has not been used aboard ship since the 14th Century.
See Also: block

Term: pulling boat (n)
Definition: A rowing boat, usually with a range of rowing stations for several oarsmen seated facing astern.
See Also: rowboat

Term: pulpit (n)
Definition: A lookout position featuring a secure railing extending over the bow of sport fishing boats and on the bowsprit of some sailboats. Fishermen use the pulpit as a harpoon position. Sailers use the pulpit to tend sails.
See Also: bowsprit

Term: pump (v)
Definition: To clear water out of a bilge using a pump.

Term: punt (n)
Definition: A flat bottomed river boat propelled by a pole.

Term: punt (v)
Definition: To push a boat along with a pole.

Term: purchase (n)
Definition: A grip achieved by attaching a mechanical device such as a windlass or block and tackle. An advantage applied to the lifting of a heavy load.

Term: purse seine (n)
Definition: A fishing net shaped like a sack that can be drawn closed around the neck or the bottom before hauling aboard.

Term: purser (n)
Definition: A manager and accountant on a cruise ship responsible for the welfare of the passengers and for handling money.

Term: pushboat (n)
Definition: A powerful commercial vessel designed with substantial bracing at the bow and used to push barges. Pushboats offer excellent control and are preferred over towboats for maneuvering barges in confined seaways, through bridges and at docks and loading facilities.
See Also: towboat, tugboat

Term: put about (v)
Definition: To tack. To change course.
See Also: tack, jibe

Term: put in (v)
Definition: To go; as in: “When the shroud broke, we were forced to put into Yarmouth.”

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