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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: point (v)
Definition: To have the capability of sailing toward the wind. A sailboat which can make way as close as 45 degrees off the eye of the wind is said to be able to “point high”.

Term: Polaris (n)
Definition: A magnitude 2 star visible in the northern sky, used by mariners to judge True North. Polaris is actually a trinary system comprised of the main star accompanied by two dwarfs. Polaris can be found easily by following a line drawn through the "pointer stars" forming the outside of the bowl of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).
See Also: pole star, north star

Term: pole (n)
Definition: 1) The axis points of the earth around which the planet rotates. The North and South poles. True North. 2) The location on the surface of the earth to which magnets point. Magnetic North.

Term: pole (v)
Definition: To propel a small boat in shallow waters by pushing against the bottom with a pole.

Term: pole star (n)
Definition: The North Star (Polaris). If an imaginary line were drawn extending the north pole into space, that line would pass near Polaris. A seaman can accurately judge True North by dropping the North Star to the Horizon.
See Also: North star, polaris

Term: police boat (n)
Definition: A vessel commissioned for the purpose of enforcing laws on waterways or near-shore locations.
See Also: patrol boat

Term: polypropylene (adj)
Definition: Referring to cheap cordage made of a thermoplastic resin, usually brightly colored and brittle, as in "He uses polypropylene for the dinghy painter because it floats, and is less likely to get caught in the prop."
See Also: rope, cordage

Term: pond (n)
Definition: A small inland body of water.

Term: pontoon (n)
Definition: A float used for making a temporary bridge.

Term: poop (n)
Definition: A superstructure installed on a raised afterdeck.

Term: poop deck (n)
Definition: A raised deck installed above the main deck at the stern.

Term: pooped (v)
Definition: Suddenly overwhelmed by a sea breaking over the stern.
See Also: following sea, poop deck

Term: port (n)
Definition: 1) A coastal harbour offering safe anchorage, dockage, and facilities for offloading cargo. 2) The left side of a vessel when seen by someone facing the bow.
See Also: larboard, starboard, steering board

Term: port (adv)
Definition: As a command to the helmsman, indicating a steering direction toward the port side.

Term: port (adj)
Definition: Referring to the left side of a vessel when seen by someone facing the bow. Origin of the term comes from the ancient use of an oar or steering board which was always installed on the starboard (steering board) side. To come alongside a dock on that side would pin the steering board against the pilings making it useless, so boats always came alongside a dock on the other side, the port side.
See Also: larboard, starboard, steering board

Term: port of call (n)
Definition: A harbour facility that is on the planned itinerary of a voyage.

Term: port of entry (n)
Definition: A coastal harbour in foreign country at which a ship must make a formal stop for customs and immigration inspection.

Term: port of last resort (n)
Definition: A harbor offering anchorage and dockage of such inferior quality that a ship would put in there only when there was no other alternative.
See Also: port

Term: port tack (n)
Definition: Sailing with the wind coming over the port side of the vessel.
See Also: starboard tack

Term: portage (pron: port-edge, or por-tahj) (n)
Definition: 1) The part of a lake or river canoe voyage when the boat must be carried overland. 2) The usual pathway overland where boats must be carried from one body of water to another.

Term: porthole (n)
Definition: An opening in the topsides or deck structures that allow light in, and which may be opened for fresh air. Portholes are usually small, with a sturdy hinged glass cover called a portlight, that can be dogged shut against a watertight gasket. (From the French "porte" meaning "door.")
See Also: portlight
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Term: portlight (n)
Definition: The heavy glass cover for a porthole that can be opened for air, or dogged shut when the seas are rough.
See Also: deadlight

Term: POSH (adj)
Definition: Reputedly an Acronym for Port Outbound Starboard Home (POSH). Wealthy British passengers on the P&O line ships going to India supposedly paid higher ticket prices for cabins that were located on the side away from the brutal heat of the sun. This term surfaced in the 1930s, but there is no evidence that the acronym POSH was actually printed on tickets.

Term: position (n)
Definition: The relative location of a ship during a sea passage, calculated from a fix.
See Also: fix

Term: potting, pot (n)
Definition: Fishing for lobster or crab using baited traps placed on the ocean floor. The pots, marked with a float, are retrieved later and the catch removed, after which the trap is rebaited and reset.
See Also: trap

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