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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: pitchpole (v)
Definition: To turn upside down by being thrown end over end in heavy seas.

Term: plain sailing (n)
Definition: Sailing easily without weather or navigation difficulty.

Term: plain sails (n)
Definition: The basic working sails of a sailboat.

Term: plane (v)
Definition: To power a boat fast enough for the bow to lift clear of the water allowing the vessel to attain significantly increased speeds. In practice the bow pitches up as the boat begins to increase speed, then settles down again just clear of the water as the vessel reaches higher speeds, skipping over the water like a flat stone.

Term: plane sailing (n)
Definition: Navigating between two points with the assumption that the earth's surface is a plane rather than a sphere. Over short distances (up to about 700 nautical miles) the error incurred by ignoring great circle navigation is negligible. On a Mercator projection the meridian of the departure point crosses the parallel of the destination point forming a right triangle with the course line as the hypotenuse, and this is referred to as a plane sailing triangle. (Thanks to Geoffrey Burke)
See Also: great circle, rhumb line

Term: planing hull (n)
Definition: A hull shape that allows a powerful fast boat to ride up on the after part of the hull, lifting the bow above the water and allowing the boat to move much faster.

Term: plank owner, plank holder (n)
Definition: A member of the original crew that sailed on the first voyage of a ship. The "plank" was an actual piece of wood from the ship, given to the crewmember upon retirement. More recently, a plaque or certificate is given. (Thanks to Karen E. Riecks, LtCol USMC (Ret).)
See Also: plank, commission (v)

Term: plank, plank up (v)
Definition: To shape and fasten the boards which form the hull of a wooden boat; as in: “While the boatbuilder is planking, he will remove the ribbands.”

Term: planking (n)
Definition: The boards which form the hull of a wooden boat.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Term: planks (n)
Definition: Strakes. The longitudinal boards forming the hull of a wooden boat.

Term: plans (n pl)
Definition: All of the design drawings laying out the lines, construction directions and scantlings necessary for a builder to construct a boat.

Term: plates (n pl)
Definition: Sections of sheet metal which, when welded together, form the shape of the hull.

Term: play (n)
Definition: Looseness in the helm caused by worn gears or cables that have stretched.

Term: pleasure boat (n)
Definition: A boat designed and used for recreation
See Also: yacht

Term: Plimsoll line, Plimsoll mark (n)
Definition: The load line markings on the side of any large cargo vessel, indicating a safe waterline for different conditions. The technique for safe loading was originated by Samuel Plimsoll, 19th century English shipping reformer.
See Also: draft marks

Term: plot (v)
Definition: To lay out a course on a chart.

Term: plot a course (v)
Definition: To plan a direction of travel by marking a chart and taking into consideration all the variables such as the speed of the boat, winds, currents, tides, water depth, hazards, markers and time.

Term: plotter (n)
Definition: Linked parallel rulers used by the navigator to advance compass directions to a course drawn on a chart.

Term: plow (n)
Definition: A lightweight anchor shaped like a farm plow. When strain is put on the rode, the plow anchor buries in the bottom providing excellent holding power.

Term: plumb (n)
Definition: The lead weight at the end of a sounding line.

Term: plumb (adj)
Definition: Vertical. A plumb bow has a stem that is roughly at right angles to the waterline.

Term: plunderage (n)
Definition: The stealing of shipboard stores.

Term: ply (v)
Definition: To make frequent regular trips on a waterway, especially for commerce.

Term: pocket battleship (n)
Definition: A warship with limitations on displacement and tonnage that keep within international accords.

Term: point (n)
Definition: One of 32 divisions of the archaic compass rose, used for describing sailing directions, judging the wind direction or approximating bearings of distant objects at sea or ashore. (Thanks to James Galloway)
See Also: bearing

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