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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: phonetic alphabet (n)
Definition: Words substituted for the letters of the alphabet in radio transmissions, so as to communicate more clearly. They are: alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot, golf, hotel, india, juliet, kilo, lima, mike, november, oscar, papa, quebec, romeo, sierra, tango, uniform, victor, whiskey, x-ray, yankee, zulu.

Term: picaroon (n)
Definition: 1) A pirate. 2) An 18 foot wood launch designed by Sam Rabl, 1926.
See Also: pirate, freebooter

Term: pier (n)
Definition: A dock protruding out into a waterway, usually built on piles.
See Also: dock, wharf
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Term: pig boat (n)
Definition: Slang for submarine.

Term: pile, piling (n)
Definition: One or more poles or posts driven into the bottom of a waterway to serve as support for an aid to navigation or for a dock.

Term: pilot (n)
Definition: A commercial ship operator who is especially qualified to operate ships in local coastal waters and into harbours, as in: “The pilot takes command of the bridge from Race Rock to dockside.” The pilot boards a visiting vessel and, for a fee, guides it safely into port or from port to open sea. Many ports require ships to hire the services of a pilot.

Term: pilot (v)
Definition: To operate a vessel, meaning to steer safely to a destination
See Also: navigate

Term: pilot boat (n)
Definition: A sturdy vessel that can meet a ship at sea and provide transportation for the pilot.
See Also: pilot
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Term: pilot cloth (n)
Definition: A heavy woolen material having loft on one side, and used for warm jackets for seamen. Often shortened to "P cloth", hence the term "P jacket", or "Pea jacket".
See Also: pea coat

Term: pilotage (n)
Definition: 1) The activity and business of piloting. 2) The fee paid to the pilot.

Term: pilothouse (n)
Definition: The deck compartment located at the bridge offering protection for the helmsman, watch officers and navigator, and housing the operations, communications and navigation stations.
See Also: wheelhouse

Term: piloting (n)
Definition: The art and science of navigating and maneuvering a vessel safely using coastal and inland landmarks and navigation aids.

Term: pinch, pinching (v)
Definition: To sail too close to the eye of the wind, so that the sails luff a bit and do not fill properly.
See Also: on the wind, close hauled, luff

Term: pinger (n)
Definition: A device for emitting an underwater sound used for sonar readings.

Term: pinkey, pinkey schooner (n)
Definition: A double-ended schooner design remarkable for its steep and pointed sheer at the stern.
See Also: shoal draft

Term: pinky (n)
Definition: A traditional fishing schooner of Nova Scotia and New England featuring a pointed after deck extension (the pinky).
See Also: schooner

Term: pinnace (pron: pin-ahs) (n)
Definition: The largest of the boats carried on deck, especially a light sailing boat used as a tender.
See Also: gig, launch, jolly boat

Term: pinrail, pin rail (n)
Definition: A stout wooden bar lashed across the shrouds having vertical holes drilled in them to accept the shafts of belaying pins. The halyards are secured on the belaying pins, and the bitter ends are carefully coiled and suspended from the pin rail.
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Term: pintles (n)
Definition: The male part of a rudder brace, flush fitted onto the rudder with the pin facing downward to slide into the gudgeon. Two or more pairs are mounted to form a pivot for the rudder.
See Also: gudgeon

Term: pipe berth (n)
Definition: A bunk made of canvas stretched over a frame made of pipe, usually installed so that it will swing out of the way when not in use affording more usable space.
See Also: berth

Term: pipe down (v)
Definition: To release the crew from deck duties and allow them to go below, signaled by the bosun's pipe
See Also: bosun's pipe

Term: piracy (n)
Definition: The act of plundering ships and shore installations.
See Also: pirate

Term: pirate (n)
Definition: 1) A sailor given to plundering other ships and shore installations. 2) A ship used in acts of piracy.
See Also: privateer, freebooter, picaroon
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/02/nautical-anachronisms.html

Term: pirogue (n)
Definition: A narrow canoe of the bayous of Louisiana. A dugout canoe.
See Also: canoe

Term: pitch (n)
Definition: 1) The rotation of a vessel around a lateral axis as it heads into heavy seas. 2) The angle of the blades of a propeller, described at the theoretical distance the propeller would advance during one revolution 3) Wood sap used for sealing seams.
See Also: roll

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