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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Passenger Vessel Services Act (n)
Definition: A United States Law titled the Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886 (46 U.S.C. 289), which governs the U.S. domestic passenger trades, setting the standards for passenger vessels as the Merchant Marine Act does for cargo vessels.
See Also: merchant marine act, cabotage, Jones Act

Term: passing (n)
Definition: The act of steering clear of another vessel sailing in the opposite direction.
See Also: crossing, overtaking, meeting

Term: passing signal (n)
Definition: A whistle signal sounded by a ship to indicate his intentions to steer clear of another vessel sailing the opposite direction.
See Also: overtaking, crossing, meeting

Term: patent log (n)
Definition: A device that measures boat speed and distance travelled over the water using a rotor spinning on the end of a trailing line or on a short shaft mounted under the hull.
See Also: taffrail log, chip log

Term: patrol boat (n)
Definition: A small fast boat, armed for military and police functions, and used to monitor marine activities, intercept other vessels and enforce the law.
See Also: PT boat

Term: pawl (n)
Definition: A stop that falls into the teeth of a windlass to hold it from turning backward.

Term: pay (v)
Definition: 1) To paint with tar or resin in order to make a joint watertight. On board ship many parts were payed: splices, metal parts, hull and deck seams, and even the pigtail of the seaman 2) To let out line gradually.
See Also: devil to pay

Term: pea coat (n)
Definition: A heavy woolen double-breasted mariner’s overcoat having a large collar and toggle buttons.
See Also: pea jacket, pilot cloth

Term: pea jacket (n)
Definition: A heavy woolen double-breasted mariner’s overcoat having a large collar and toggle buttons.
See Also: pea coat, pilot cloth

Term: peak (n)
Definition: 1) The topmost aft corner of a gaff sail bent on at the after end of the gaff. 2) The narrow inboard part of a vessel just inside the stem.
See Also: forepeak

Term: peak halyard (n)
Definition: A halyard arranged to haul up the after part of the gaff to finish raising a gaff sail, and to make the leach taut. In practice the halyard is sometimes fastened to a bridle on the gaff so that the strain is distributed to several points along the spar.
See Also: gunter rig

Term: peapod (n)
Definition: A small double-ended pulling boat of New England.

Term: pedestal (n)
Definition: A supporting post for the binnacle, or for a steering wheel.

Term: pelagic (adj)
Definition: 1) Relating to a wanderer on the open sea, as in: “The albatross is a pelagic bird.” 2) Describing the vertical measurement of extreme depths of the ocean.
See Also: benthic

Term: pelican hook (n)
Definition: A removable gate fastener used to secure lifelines and chains.

Term: pen (n)
Definition: A specialized dockage facility for submarine repairs.

Term: peninsula (n)
Definition: A land feature that protrudes into the ocean

Term: pennant (n)
Definition: 1) Signal flag. 2) A long narrow flag showing allegiance or membership, such as a yacht club. 3) A short line for securing a boat to a mooring buoy.
See Also: signal flag

Term: penny, step penny (n)
Definition: A new coin placed under the heel of the mast when it is restepped after being repaired, to validate the exact year the mast was last serviced.
See Also: step, heel

Term: period (n)
Definition: A measurement of the distance from the crest of one wave to the next in the wave group.

Term: periscope (n)
Definition: An optical instrument employing prisms, lenses and mirrors to allow submariners to see above the surface of the ocean

Term: personal flotation device (n)
Definition: A vest designed to keep a person in the water floating upright.
See Also: life jacket, life vest

Term: petcock (n)
Definition: A small valve for releasing pressure or for draining a line.

Term: petty officer (n)
Definition: A senior enlisted man in the US Navy or Coast Guard in grades E-4 through E-9.
See Also: chief

Term: PFD (n)
Definition: Aconym for Personal Flotation Device, a buoyant garment or vest designed to support a person in the water.
See Also: life vest

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