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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Pacific (adj)
Definition: 1) Of or relating to the Pacific Ocean. 2) The nations bordering on the Pacific Ocean.

Term: packet boat (n)
Definition: A fast ship carrying passengers, cargo and mail on a regular schedule.
See Also: ferry, clipper

Term: paddle (n)
Definition: A light oar with a large blade used two-handed to propel a canoe.
See Also: oar

Term: paddle (v)
Definition: To propel a small boat with a paddle.
See Also: row

Term: paddle boat (n)
Definition: A vessel propelled by a turning wheel inset with paddle boards.
See Also: paddle wheeler, riverboat, sidewheeler, sternwheel

Term: paddle wheel (n)
Definition: A turning wheel inset with paddle boards used to propel a boat.

Term: paddle wheeler (n)
Definition: A vessel propelled by a turning wheel inset with paddle boards.
See Also: paddle boat, riverboat, sidewheeler, sternwheeler

Term: padeye (n)
Definition: An eyebolt welded on a plate that is fastened down to the deck.

Term: painter (n)
Definition: A light rope attached to the bow of a small boat as a towing line or bow line.

Term: palm (n)
Definition: 1) The inward facing surface of the flukes of an anchor. 2) A reinforced partial glove used to protect the hand when sewing heavy materials.

Term: pan, panne (interjection)
Definition: The universal spoken radio signal indicating an emergency and requesting assistance. (Pronounced "Pan nuh" and always spoken three times to alert all radio operators.)
See Also: mayday, securite

Term: papa (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "p".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: parachute (n)
Definition: A very light bulbous shaped downwind sail employed as a spinnaker.
See Also: spinnaker, chute

Term: parallel (n)
Definition: A line of lattitude on the chart.

Term: parallel (adj)
Definition: Of a direct current electrical system in which several batteries are connected positive to positive and negative to negative resulting in service of the same voltage as each battery, but with increased amperage.
See Also: series

Term: parallel rule (n)
Definition: A pair of straight edges connected with arms that allow them to spread apart yet remain parallel to each other, used by navigators to draw courses and bearings in relation to a compass rose printed on the chart.
See Also: rolling rule

Term: paravane (n)
Definition: A military device towed behind a minesweeper to cut the cables of underwater mines.

Term: parcel (v)
Definition: To protect a rope splice with a covering of canvas.
See Also: serve, parcel and serve

Term: parcel and serve (v)
Definition: To wrap a splice in the standing rigging with protective canvas then lay whipping on top, usually payed with a liberal amount of tar.
See Also: serve, parcel

Term: parrel (n)
Definition: 1) A metal hoop at the center of a yard which slides up a cable or metal bar when the squaresail is being hoisted or lowered. 2) A string of beads fastened to the end of the gaff jaws and circling the mast, to keep the gaff in place when hoisting or lowering the sail. (Sometimes termed a "parrel string".)
See Also: gaff jaws

Term: part (v)
Definition: To break or separate, as in “If you put too much strain on the line it will part.”
See Also: carry away, fail

Term: partners (n)
Definition: Heavy reinforcing timbers mounted at deck level where the mast passes through.
See Also: mast partners

Term: passage (n)
Definition: A distinct part of a voyage; a trip from one port to another.

Term: passagemaker (n)
Definition: A sturdy seagoing vessel, capable of handling large seas, and fitted for voyages to distant ports.
See Also: oceangoing

Term: passenger vessel (n)
Definition: A ship or boat designed and built (and usually inspected) for the sole purpose of transporting passengers.
See Also: cargo vessel

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