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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: oakum (n)
Definition: Jute fiber or twisted hemp soaked in tar and used to fill seams and make them watertight.

Term: oar (n)
Definition: A pole with a blade at the end used for rowing a boat.

Term: oarlocks (n)
Definition: Pairs of cast metal guides that rotate freely in a sleeve at the gunwale against which the oars are pulled to propel a rowboat.
See Also: rowlocks, thole pins

Term: oarsman (n)
Definition: A person who rows a boat.

Term: obstruction (n)
Definition: A chart notation indicating a substantial impediment to safe navigation

Term: occulting (adj)
Definition: Describing the characteristics of a lighted aid to navigation where the light is showing for a longer duration than the dark period.
See Also: fixed, flashing, isophase

Term: ocean (n)
Definition: 1) The great salt waters that cover most of the earth. 2) One of the four geographic subdivisions of the earth’s great salt waters: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic.

Term: oceangoing (adj)
Definition: Describing a sturdy vessel of large enough size to withstand the extremes of wind and waves found on the open sea.
See Also: passagemaker

Term: oceanic (adj)
Definition: Relating to the ocean, especially the offshore deeps.

Term: oceanography (n)
Definition: The scientific study and documentation of all aspects of the earth's oceans, including their measurements, chemistry, water temperature and movement, weather, biology and natural resources.

Term: off (adv)
Definition: Away from the direction of the wind.
See Also: fall off

Term: off load (v)
Definition: To remove cargo from a ship.

Term: off soundings (adv)
Definition: Operating in deep offshore waters where gauging the depth would be impossible and unnecessary for navigation. Generally the term refers to water depths of more than 200 meters (100 fathoms).
See Also: on soundings, deeps

Term: offing (n)
Definition: 1) At a far distance. 2) The open sea when viewed from shore. When a ship is first seen “in the offing” there is reason to anticipate fresh provisions, a cargo of fish and beloved sailors safely home from the sea.
See Also: aloof

Term: offsets (n)
Definition: A table of measurements for all the stations or sections of the design drawings of a vessel, showing distance from a base line or waterline to the buttocks, diagonals and waterlines, as well as the sheer and rabbet, noted in three numbers representing feet, inches and eighths.

Term: offshore (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing or referencing the direction from shore to sea as in, “There’s an offshore wind today.” 2) Describing the area of the ocean well away from the beach as in, “Tuna boats are part of offshore fishery.”

Term: offshore (adv)
Definition: Distant from the shore. Away from ready access to safe harbour.
See Also: onshore

Term: oil slick (n)
Definition: A telltale iridescent layer of oil floating on top of the water indicating the location of a spill.

Term: oiler (n)
Definition: 1) A tanker ship specializing in petroleum cargo. 2) A seaman working in the engine room.
See Also: black gang

Term: oilskins (n)
Definition: Waterproof protective clothing worn in wet weather.
See Also: foul weather gear, sou'wester

Term: on board (adv)
Definition: Located in or present on a ship.
See Also: aboard

Term: on soundings (adv)
Definition: Operating in waters where gauging the depth of the water is useful, or even essential, to navigation. Generally the term refers to water depths of less than 200 meters (100 fathoms).
See Also: off soundings

Term: on the ways (adv)
Definition: A boat that is hauled for repairs or painting is said to be "on the ways".

Term: one-design (n)
Definition: A concept of shape, size and building details laid down in lines for the construction of a vessel so that many identical boats may be built for racing against each other without handicaps.
See Also: class boat, one-off

Term: one-off (n)
Definition: A single vessel built to a concept of shape, size and building details and never duplicated.
See Also: one-design

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