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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: norman pin (n)
Definition: A metal pin mounted through the head of a samson post on which a line may be belayed.
See Also: samson post

Term: North (n)
Definition: 1) The cardinal point of a campass that indicates the direction of magnetic north. 2) The direction at the top of a marine chart.
See Also: true north, magnetic north

Term: North Pole (n)
Definition: The geographic location of the imaginary northern axis around which the earth turns.
See Also: South Pole, True North, magnetic north

Term: North Star (n)
Definition: Polaris. A major star in the northern sky, used by mariners to judge True North.
See Also: pole star

Term: northeast trades (n)
Definition: Prevailing surface air movement in the Atlantic generally from the northeast in the latitudes about 5 to 30 degrees north of the equator. Because the early explorers were sailing square rigged ships, these are the winds that brought most of them to the Western Hemisphere. Tropical Easterlies.
See Also: westerlies, antitrades

Term: northerly (n)
Definition: A wind that blows out of the north.

Term: northern lights (n)
Definition: A nighttime phenomenon seen in the far northern skies, displaying streaks, ribbons, arches and curtains of light, generated as radiation from solar flares interact with the earth’s magnetic field.
See Also: Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis

Term: Northern Subtropical Divergence (NSD) (n)
Definition: Ocean areas characterized by high pressure weather systems and light winds, found about 35 degrees north or south of the equator. Often called the Horse Latitudes, the term originated from ships carrying horses finding themselves becalmed there for long periods during which many horses died. Bermuda High.
See Also: Bermuda high, horse latitudes

Term: Northhill (adj)
Definition: A type of anchor like a kedge having the stock at the end of the shank with short flukes. This design digs in well, and is a good choice on a rocky bottom.
See Also: kedge

Term: Northwest Passage (n)
Definition: A sea route through the usually frozen Arctic Ocean of northern Canada, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.
See Also: arctic

Term: nose (v)
Definition: To move forward slowly and cautiously, as in a fog.

Term: not under command (adj.)
Definition: Referring to a vessel that is under way but having no means of steering or propulsion, or having no competent ship’s officer available to operate the ship.
See Also: under command

Term: Notices to mariners (NOTAMS) (n)
Definition: A US Coast Guard publication containing current updates for charts and other useful information for mariners.

Term: november (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "n".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: null (n)
Definition: An indication of no radio signal found when turning the antenna of a radio direction finder. The strongest signal will be between two nulls.
See Also: radio direction finder (RDF)

Term: nun (n)
Definition: A slang term for a floating aid to navigation having a conical top.
See Also: can, buoy

Term: nylon (adj)
Definition: Describing rope composed of a synthetic fiber that is very strong but can stretch somewhat, as in "Use nylon for your docklines to ease the shock as the boat surges."
See Also: braid, three-strand, Dacron™

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