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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Nantucket sleigh ride (n obj)
Definition: When a harpooned whale would race off towing a dory full of seamen, they were said to be on a Nantucket sleigh ride, referring to the whaling port of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Term: narrows (n)
Definition: A restricted area of a waterway between two headlands.
See Also: strait

Term: nautical (adj)
Definition: Relating to things of the sea. Having to do with ships, boats and sailing.

Term: nautical almanac (n)
Definition: A periodical publication containing current information necessary for ship navigation.
See Also: ephemeris, mariner's almanac

Term: nautical mile (n)
Definition: The length of one minute of arc of a great circle on the surface of the earth. A distance measurement equal to 6076.1 feet or 1.151 statute miles, or 1.852 kilometres.
See Also: knot

Term: navaid (n)
Definition: Any device that provides information for the navigator; an aid to navigation

Term: naval (adj)
Definition: Having to do with the navy or with boats and ships.

Term: naval architect (n)
Definition: A trained designer of boats and ships.
See Also: designer, marine architect

Term: naval stores (n)
Definition: Pitch, turpentine, paint, resins and tars carried aboard wooden ships for maintenance tasks.

Term: navigable (adj)
Definition: Describing waters that are deep enough to sail safely, and that are free of obstructions and restrictions.

Term: navigate (v)
Definition: 1) To safely operate a vessel employing the elements of position, course and speed. 2) To determine position, course and speed using instruments.
See Also: position

Term: navigating (v)
Definition: Using the art and science of navigation to determine position and safely sail to a destination.
See Also: navigation, piloting

Term: navigation (n)
Definition: 1) The safe and seamanlike operation of a vessel on a planned passage. 2) The art and science of determining position and course in order to sail safely to a destination.
See Also: piloting

Term: navigational aid (n)
Definition: Any chart, radar, sonar or other instrument or method employed to navigate a vessel.
See Also: aid to navigation

Term: navigational lights (n)
Definition: The system of lights required to be displayed from a boat or ship at night.
See Also: running lights

Term: navigator (n)
Definition: A crewman trained and qualified in the practice of determining position and setting courses for the safe and efficient operation of a vessel.
See Also: pilot

Term: navy (n)
Definition: 1) The seagoing military forces of a nation. 2) All of a nation’s force of warships.

Term: navy anchor (n)
Definition: A heavy ship’s anchor with large flukes and no stock so that the shank can be drawn through the hawshole. The enormous weight of these anchors make them inappropriate for a small vessel.
See Also: anchor
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Term: navy yard (n)
Definition: Any shoreside installation where naval ships are built and repaired.
See Also: dockyard

Term: neap tide (n)
Definition: The state of the tide when the range is less than normal, around the time of the quarter moons.

Term: neck (n)
Definition: A narrow waterway between two land masses or headlands or islands.
See Also: strait, narrows

Term: negative (n)
Definition: No. A radio term used to clearly speak the word “no.”

Term: net tonnage (n)
Definition: A legal measurement to describe the cargo carrying capability of a ship, determined as a relationship with the gross tonnage less spaces that cannot be used to carry cargo, such as fuel tanks, engine compartments, crew quarters, galley and others.
See Also: registered tonnage

Term: noon sight (n)
Definition: A sextant observation of the zenith passage of the sun to determine local noon. By referencing that time to tables in the ephemeris, the navigator can determine a line of longitude.
See Also: local time

Term: nor'easter (n)
Definition: A heavy storm with winds predominantly out of the north east.

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