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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: monkey bridge (n)
Definition: A high platform above the wheelhouse offering better visibility to the operator while maneuvering.
See Also: flying bridge

Term: monkey's fist (n)
Definition: A knot that forms a massive weighted ball at the end of a heaving line.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: monocoque (adj)
Definition: A hull design that is formed like an egg so that the strength of the structure is in the outer shell and there is equal impact resistance in all directions.

Term: monohull (adj)
Definition: Referring to a vessel with a single hull, as contrasted to a vessel with more than one hull, such as a catamaran.
See Also: multihull, catamaran, trimaran

Term: moon sight (n)
Definition: A measurement by sextant of the altitude of the moon’s lower limb in relation to the horizon, made by a navigator to determine a line of position.
See Also: line of position

Term: moor (v)
Definition: To secure a boat to a mooring or permanent anchor.
See Also: mooring

Term: mooring (n)
Definition: A permanent anchor or weight on the bottom, connected by chain to a buoy having a pennant. In practice a boat simply picks up the pennant and makes it fast to a cleat at the bow. A mooring is usually much more secure than an anchor and is safe with a shorter scope making it possible to secure boats closer to each other.

Term: mooring bitt (n)
Definition: A heavy cast cleat made with two pillars around which a hawser or dockline may be secured.
See Also: bitt, cleat
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Term: morning star (n)
Definition: A major eastern star that can be used in celestial navigation, and is bright enough to be seen in the morning when the horizon becomes clearly visible.

Term: mosquito boat (n)
Definition: PT boat. A variety of fast military torpedo and gunboat of the US Navy, employed during World War II and the Vietnam war. The vessels were heavily armed carrying four torpedo tubes, and three anti-aircraft guns, and were capable of speeds up to 40 knots.
See Also: PT boat

Term: motion sickness (n)
Definition: Nausea caused by the motion of a ship at sea.
See Also: seasickness

Term: motor sailer (n)
Definition: A sailing vessel designed with a substantial engine for motoring. This is a compromise design that incorporates the best features, and shortcomings, of both the sailboat and motorboat.

Term: motor ship (n)
Definition: An ocean going vessel with an internal engine rather than sails.

Term: motorboat (n)
Definition: A boat powered by an engine.

Term: mouse (n)
Definition: A thick lashing around the upper mast supporting an eyesplice at the top of the headstay.

Term: movable ballast (n)
Definition: Heavy weight that can be shifted from one location to another to adjust stability of a vessel. Water, bunker oil, and other fluids can be pumped from one tank to another to achieve better stability.
See Also: ballast

Term: MSTS (n)
Definition: Acronym: Military Sea Transport Service.

Term: muffle (v)
Definition: To wrap oarlocks or the loom of the oars with rags in order to quiet them.

Term: multi-hull boat (n)
Definition: A vessel with more than one hull.
See Also: trimaran, catamaran

Term: multiple chines (n)
Definition: Describing a hull having a series of edges to the angles of the planking where the bottom joins the topsides.

Term: muriatic acid (n)
Definition: Hydrochloric acid. A chemical solvent used to clean and stabilize rusty metal in preparation for painting.

Term: mushroom (n)
Definition: 1) A type of ground tackle used to make a permanent mooring. Over time the mushroom works its way deep into the bottom providing excellent holding power. 2) A simple light anchor for temporarily holding a dinghy.
See Also: mooring, lunch hook

Term: mustang (n)
Definition: A warrant officer or commissioned officer who has been promoted from the enlisted ranks in the US Navy.

Term: muster (v)
Definition: To call the crew on deck for rollcall.

Term: mutineer (n)
Definition: A person who engages in a mutiny.
See Also: mutiny

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