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Term: magnetic compass (n)
Definition: An instrument employing a magnetized needle which aligns with the Earth's magnetic field and indicates magnetic north.
See Also: gyrocompass, magnetic north, compass

Term: magnetic course (n)
Definition: A direction of travel described by the angle of the keel of the vessel to magnetic north.
See Also: compass course

Term: magnetic field (n)
Definition: Detectable force fields reportedly caused by moving electrons generated by currents in Earth's molten core.
See Also: magnetic needle, compass

Term: magnetic needle (n)
Definition: A slender, light steel strip that has been magnetized and carefully balanced in a compass. The compass needle aligns with Earth's magnetic field and indicates magnetic north. (Thanks to Graham Bradford)
See Also: magnetic field, compass

Term: magnetic north (n)
Definition: The direction of the magnetic north pole. The pole for which the magnetic compass indicates north.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/12/magnetic-north-is-moving.html

Term: magnetic pole (n)
Definition: Magnetic North. The area on the surface of the earth toward which the needle of a magnetic compass points.

Term: magnitude (n)
Definition: The apparent brightness of a star as measured against a standard brightness scale.

Term: mail boat (n)
Definition: A British ship that calls at ports around the commonwealth carrying passengers and Royal Mail.

Term: main (n)
Definition: 1) Deep oceans. The high seas. 2) Mainsail , Mainmast.
See Also: off soundings, deeps, mainsail, mainmast

Term: mainmast (n)
Definition: The highest of the masts of a sailboat, or, on a ship with masts of equal height, the mast farthest aft.

Term: mainsail (n)
Definition: The principal and largest sail in a sailplan

Term: mainsheet (n)
Definition: The tackle used to control the angle of the mainsail to the wind.
See Also: running rigging, sheet

Term: make and break (adj)
Definition: Describing the simple magneto ignition characteristics of a single cylinder engine once used in small motor boats. Often called a one-banger, these simple engines carried one or two flywheels to keep the engine turning until the next firing sequence.

Term: make fast (v)
Definition: 1) To secure a line to a cleat with a hitch. 2) To secure a vessel to a dock.

Term: make sail (v)
Definition: To raise sails while getting underway.
See Also: hoist

Term: make water (v)
Definition: To leak.
See Also: leak

Term: makefast (n)
Definition: Any sturdy object to which a boat may be secured.

Term: man (v)
Definition: 1) To take up a duty position, as in: “Man the pump, and clear the bilge.” 2) To supply a crew for a ship.

Term: man of war, man o' war (n)
Definition: A full rigged warship of the 17th Century, carrying square and lateen sails, and armed with cannons. The man o' war was a refinement of the Galleons of the 16th Century.

Term: man overboard (interjection)
Definition: 1) A loudly shouted notification to the entire crew that a seaman has fallen off the vessel. 2) An emergency situation during which the crew is attempting to recover a crewman who has fallen off the vessel.
See Also: man overboard drill

Term: man overboard drill (n)
Definition: A learning exercise for the entire crew to test their skills in recovering a seaman who has fallen off the vessel.
See Also: man overboard

Term: manifest (n)
Definition: A document listing all the passengers and cargo on board.
See Also: bill of lading

Term: map (n)
Definition: There is no such word in the lexicon of the sailor.
See Also: chart

Term: marconi rig (n)
Definition: A triangular sail design having a pointed head by which it is hoisted to a tall mast.
See Also: Bermuda rig, gaff rig

Term: marina (n)
Definition: A business complex offering docking and shore facilities for yachts.

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