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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: lubber (n)
Definition: A person who is incompetent to understand and perform even simple duties on board ship.
See Also: landlubber
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/02/nautical-anachronisms.html

Term: lubber line (n)
Definition: A line at the edge or across the face of a compass which is precisely aligned with the longitudinal centerline of the ship; the reference mark against which the helmsman reads the magnetic course of the ship.

Term: lubber's hole (n)
Definition: An opening in the ship's top through which a sailer may crawl to reach farther aloft without having to climb among the futtock shrouds.

Term: lubberly (adv)
Definition: In a fashion that shows poor seamanship.
See Also: landlubber

Term: luff (n)
Definition: The forward edge of the three sided marconi sail.
See Also: leach, foot

Term: luff, luff up (v)
Definition: To turn gradually toward the eye of the wind so that the sails begin to take air on the lee side and shake. When luffing, the boat eases and slows, allowing crew to take down sails or make quick repairs.
See Also: heave to, lay to

Term: lug rig (n)
Definition: A sailplan featuring a four-sided sail suspended from a yard hauled to a short mast on an angle, often with a boom for the foot and the tack secured to either the mast (standing lug) or the stem (dipping lug).
See Also: standing lug, dipping lug

Term: lug, lug sail (n)
Definition: A four sided sail bent on a yard hauled to a short mast on an angle, with a boom for the foot and the tack secured to either the mast (standing lug) or the stem (dipping lug).

Term: lugger (n)
Definition: 1) A vessel carrying a lug rig sailplan. 2) An old, slow cargo vessel.
See Also: lug rig

Term: lull (n)
Definition: A period of calm before a storm.

Term: lunch hook (n)
Definition: Any small lightweight anchor, such as a grapnel, that holds the boat temporarily. A prudent sailer would not employ such an anchor for an overnight stay or during changeable weather.
See Also: grapnel

Term: lune (n)
Definition: A point delineated on a spherical surface by the intersection of two great circles.

Term: luxury liner (n)
Definition: An ocean going passenger ship offering elegant accomodations and entertainment.

Term: lying ahull (adv)
Definition: Drifting without power or sails set as a means of managing storm seas.
See Also: ahull

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